Tips for Displaying Experience on Your Resume

Successful Employment Concept With Desired Resume FormulaAs you input information into your resume builder, you can go through each section to add the information that you need to show potential employers that type of employee that you will be. Then, you get to your former work experience. This is the most important part of your resume. Here you can show employers the accomplishments that you’ve had and the talents that you possess to become an asset to their company. So what should you do to draft your experience section? Try the following tips:

Be Choosy

The most important thing that you need to do is choose the right experience to include. Think about the job that you’re applying for and the experience that you’ve had that fits the job description. You don’t have to include all of your job experience; just the ones that work for this particular job. If you don’t have any work experience, don’t hesitate to include internships, volunteer experience, or class work to show what you can do and what you can bring to their company because of that experience.

Discuss Your Job Performance

For each job that you list, forget about listing the job description. Companies want to know how your performance was in that position. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • What challenges did you face in that position?
  • How did you overcome those challenges?
  • What accomplishments did you make in that position?
  • How did you benefit the company?

Prove your potential value by showing what you’ve done, and use power words and active verbs in the process.

Use Specific Statistics

When sharing what you’ve done, make sure to include statistics. You can’t just say that you increased revenue. Show how much you increased revenue. Rather than just saying you brought a lot of clients to the firm, say how many clients you brought in. You could say you tripled the clientele or increased clientele by 150%. Make sure that the accomplishments that you share are measureable.

Start with Compelling Accomplishments

It might be helpful to brainstorm everything that you could include about each position, internship, or other experience that you want to include. Think about the accomplishments that you’ve had. Choose the most important or the ones that a potential employer would be the most impressed with on your resume. Include these accomplishments first in your list. After you’ve discussed the results or accomplishments that you’ve had, then you can explain other actions or problems that you solved.

Make It Readable

Resume.com_December_Tips for Displaying Experience on Your Resume_Image 2With the rest of your resume, you need to make your resume scannable without making it to sophomoric. You’ve probably heard that bullet points are the best way to go, but you should now consider using a combination of bullet points and paragraphs to write all of your information. Just try to draw attention to your accomplishments. One way to do this is through the use of numbers and power words.

You should create a resume for each job for which you apply. Review the job description and learn about the company. Use the information that you learn to choose the right experience to use and the information that you should include to help potential employers realize the value that you can add to their company.


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