3 Reasons Why You Should Never Lie on Your Resume

Congratulations! You looked for your dream job long and hard on job boards and you’ve finally found the perfect open position. But wait, there’s only one problem… you aren’t fluent in French. Would it really be so bad to claim that you’re a natural-born French speaker in your cover letter?

When you’re competing for an amazing job against a hundred more qualified candidates, it can be tempting to lie on your resume. However, embellishing about the truth in your job application isn’t worth the risk.

Here are three of the most important reasons why you should never lie on your resume.

1. You’re Likely to Get Caught

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While there’s no guarantee that your little white lie will be caught by your employer, chances are that you’ll be found out eventually. Hiring managers claim they’ve caught up to 56% of candidates lying on their resume.

These hiring managers report that dishonest candidates were most likely to falsely embellish their skills, but some may have even lied about their work experience and where they’ve been employed in the past.

2. Fraud is Serious Business

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We all know that lying isn’t good, but fraud is serious business. If you’re hired with a falsified resume, you may have violated the contract you signed with them in good faith.

If you’re found out to have lied on your resume, you may be fired. If the circumstances are especially drastic, the company may even be able to press charges against you.

3. You’re Not Doing Yourself Justice

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Most importantly, lying on your resume doesn’t do you justice as a candidate. You’re smart, capable, and you’re a great person to work with. You have plenty of amazing qualities and soft skills to offer an employer. You don’t need to lie about your qualifications.

In the words of Liz Ryan, the founder of Human Workplace, “It’s foolish to go through the trouble of applying for a job and going on job interviews, just to lose the offer by making up a degree or a past employer to try and make your resume look more impressive.”

Never Lie on Your Resume

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Honesty is always the best policy when it comes to applying for a job!

If you’re not feeling very confident about your candidacy, there’s countless tips and tricks you can use to make your application stand out. Some easy things you can do to get started on creating a stronger case for you to get the job of your dreams include:

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