How to Start Blogging to Get the Job You Want

It can feel like everyone and their dog has a blog. They’re fast, cheap and give you the freedom to talk about almost anything without worry about pleasing an editor or publishing house. But did you know blogging can actually do more than just flirt with fashion or play with the latest tech gadgets?

It’s true – blogging can be a powerful tool that can help you get you the job you want. Combined with an outstanding resume, you may find that your job hunt is suddenly much faster, effective and most importantly, successful.

Blogs tell employers who you are in a more comprehensive way than a resume. Along with your social media presence, they can help create your personal brand and can be crucial in helping you create a professional image online. Having a blog provides you with a lot of room to tell hiring managers who you are and why they should bring you onto their team.

You can write hundreds of words showing off your expertise without being limited by a character count, unlike a resume’s short-form format. And blogs allow you to explore many different aspects of your professional personality, which will aid you in building the kind of rich personal brand that hiring managers love.

By writing regular posts, you can go beyond a resume’s lists of soft and hard skills, qualifications, work history, and educational background.

Blogging also provides you with an opportunity to prove your qualifications and experiences, and the first-person writing style gives you a chance to elaborate on your resume summary, telling employers about you as an individual.

You may be asking yourself what a blog is and what you need to start blogging. Keep reading to learn the quick blogging basics that will take you from zero to blogging hero.

What is a Blog?

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Blogs are made of informal pieces of writing on a website or web page. They’re usually run by one person or a small group, and they often have a very conversational tone. Bloggers can even talk about themselves and their opinions, unlike most academic essays or papers.

Bloggers don’t necessarily make money from blogging, but it’s possible to earn revenue from advertising and other profitable avenues.

What Do I Need to Start Blogging?

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Blogs are one of the best ways to get your dream job because there’s a very low barrier to entry.

They don’t need to cost any money, setting up one doesn’t take very long and you don’t need to be a professional writer to create standout content. The most important things are to be committed and passionate about what you’re blogging about.

Here are the four fundamental things that every blogger needs to start a successful blog: time, interest in writing, knowledge, and a willingness to learn.

1. A Tiny Bit of Time

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Blogging definitely isn’t hard, but they do need to be updated relatively often. Generally speaking, you should be posting something (even if it’s very short) once a week or more. There are a few reasons why you should put aside a little time to your blog, including:

  • Active blogs show up higher on search engine rankings, so your audience will actually be able to find your blog
  • Fresh content also stays relevant for readers who will be interested in the newest changes in your industry
  • Knowing that you’re dependable will keep readers checking back to read your latest post

Put aside at least an hour each week to sit down and concentrate on writing a post you’re happy with. It takes very little effort to keep blogging. You may even find that it becomes easier and easier the more time you spend practicing.

2. Interest in Writing

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Blogs are made up of written content, unless you’re creating a video blog, also known as a vlog, or another type of atypical blogging medium. That means that you have to have at least a little interest in writing regularly.

You don’t have to be Shakespeare to be a blogger, though. Conversational tones are welcome, because the informal style makes the reader feel like they know you. The better they like you and more comfortable they are, the better chance they’ll come back to keep reading your work.

3. Knowledge on Your Subject

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You’re creating a blog to share how great you are to employers. Because of this, while you don’t absolutely need to know everything, it’s important that you have a little knowledge about your subject.

Before you decide on what you’d like to blog about, make sure you can answer, “Yes,” to these questions:

  • Do I know enough about my topic to write about it regularly?
  • Will I sound prepared and informed in my posts?
  • Are my posts going to be insightful or educational?
  • Am I passionate about my subject?
  • Will my blog impress employers and make them want to hire me?

If you aren’t confident, it may be best to revise your focus slightly. But don’t worry, there are countless subjects that you can write about that will impress employers.

For example, if you’re a pharmacist, you don’t need to know every cutting-edge development in pharmaceutical tech or prescriptions. There are plenty of alternative topics that will demonstrate what a valuable employee you would be to a hiring manager, such as the history of pharmaceuticals or an exploration of a specific area in your industry.

Don’t worry about being perfect. You may decide that your subject isn’t right for you after a few posts, but that doesn’t mean you should stop blogging. Either change your focus on the same blog, or start a new blog about a subject you’re more excited about.

4. Willingness to Learn

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The last thing you need to launch your blog is a willingness to learn. Creating a blog from scratch isn’t very challenging, but it does require picking up a few simple blogging skills.

Luckily, blogging platforms like WordPress and SquareSpace are designed to be straightforward and intuitive, and there are many guides on how to navigate blogging platforms available online for free.

If you still want a little guidance, check out our article on how to create awesome blog content.

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