How to Write a Warehouse Resume Summary With Examples

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When applying for a job at a warehouse, an important step is to use your resume to introduce yourself with a summary of your experience and how it relates to the job you are applying for. Your resume summary can be an influencing factor in whether or not a hiring manager considers you for a position. In this article, you can learn some tips and review examples of warehouse resume summaries as a helpful guide when creating your own.

What is a warehouse resume summary?

A warehouse resume summary is a short paragraph at the top of a resume that explains your skills and experience as a warehouse associate, machine operator, distribution manager or other warehouse jobs. The resume summary should create an interest in what you have to offer as an applicant. It should emphasize your industry experience and provide employers with an idea of your qualifications and ambition. A successful warehouse resume summary relates details from your career experience to the responsibilities of the warehouse position you are applying for.

How to write a warehouse resume summary

Follow these steps to create a strong summary for your warehouse resume:

1. First, use correct grammar and formatting

When writing your warehouse resume summary, use the third person and present tense. This format is generally accepted for most types of resumes because it refers to your current qualifications and goals. Make sure to be consistent and use the same verb tense in each sentence throughout the summary. Using correct formatting and grammar shows attention to detail and professionalism.

An example of the appropriate tense for a resume summary is ‘Dedicated warehouse associate with over twelve years of manufacturing experience seeks to improve efficiency at a growing company.’

2. Second, be concise with your language

Your resume summary should only have a few sentences, so only include your most impressive qualities, achievements and skills. Avoid any unnecessary words in order to keep the focus on your key qualifications. As you write your resume summary, edit out anything that doesn’t add value to your resume in order to use the space on the page as effectively as possible.

3. Third, focus on your achievements

A summary on a warehouse resume should focus on achievements in your field. Include specific evidence of your ability to succeed as a warehouse employee such as statistics about processes you helped to improve. If you have extensive experience, certifications or skills you can mention them in the warehouse resume summary to help get the attention of a hiring manager. Because resume summaries are often an employer’s first impression, leading with your proudest moments can leave a positive impact on the person reviewing your resume.

4. Next, mention your goals

In your resume summary, you may want to mention the goals you have for your next position. Develop goals that reference how you will benefit the company in the position you are applying for. Employers often look for candidates who have an understanding of what they have to offer the company in addition to what they hope to gain from working there. Showing that your professional goals align with the company’s goals by mentioning your plans to make an impact is a great strategy for writing a strong resume summary.

For example, ‘Warehouse associate with three years of experience seeking to streamline operations and improve efficiency on the floor of a mid-sized manufacturing company’ references your plans to increase production at your next job.

5. Finally, tailor the summary to each job

Whenever you apply to a new job, edit the summary on your resume to best fit that position. Customize your summary by including the company’s name, size, industry or referencing its goals and mission. Although the goals and accomplishments you feature in each application may be similar, you can use different phrasing to emphasize the aspects of your application that are most relevant to the job. This shows employers that you are not only qualified for the position but are also a good fit for their specific company.

Tips for writing a warehouse resume summary

Use the following tips when writing your warehouse resume summary to improve your chances of moving forward in a company’s hiring process:

Understand industry expectations

Before writing your resume, make sure you have a current understanding of the expectations of working in a warehouse. Research standard equipment and certifications that top employees are expected to earn. This can also help you use industry jargon correctly when describing any specialized skills you would use on the job.

Research company practices

Research the company you are applying for in order to identify the ways you fit in with their team. Being familiar with how their particular warehouse operates can show that you are prepared to adapt to their workplace and become an asset to the company.

Use keywords from the job posting

Using keywords from the job posting in your resume summary can help your resume stand out on many different types of hiring websites and services. This also shows that you have paid attention to the most important parts of the job application.

Include numbers and statistics

Statistics related to efficiency or tracking inventory can be a great way to demonstrate your skill as a warehouse associate or manager. Paying attention to the technical details of warehouse operations can show that you are motivated and think strategically.

Warehouse resume summary examples

Here are a few resume summary examples for different warehouse positions:

Distribution center manager

Example: ‘Innovative and committed Warehouse Manager seeking to expand local production initiatives to Kelley’s Regional Distribution Center. Improved local warehouse efficiency by 10% while modeling integrity and company values for other team members. Experienced in process control, shipping and receiving and employee management at the Kelley corporation.’

This resume summary for a manager highlights their specific accomplishments and dedication to a company when applying for an internal promotion. It also references the applicant’s specialized knowledge in the field and uses it to show the employer their plans to apply that knowledge in a new position.

Forklift operator

Example: ‘Certified Forklift Operator and experienced team leader seeking to maintain and improve safety standards at Induchem’s new distribution center while regularly exceeding shipment quotas. Knowledgeable about occupational safety standards and best practices for implementing workplace training and safety programs. Skilled in repair and maintenance of standard warehouse equipment and committed to supporting Industry’s expanding operations.’

This is a good resume summary for a forklift operator because it leads with the applicant’s key qualifications and explains how they can support the company. It also shows that the candidate is ambitious and knowledgeable about warehouse operations.

Warehouse associate

Example: ‘Motivated, growth-minded general contractor seeking to apply construction experience to McAvoy Manufacturing as a warehouse associate. Skilled laborer dedicated to optimizing production and consistently meeting 100% of client expectations on or ahead of schedule. Highly focused on improving organization, cooperation and communication throughout the company.’

This resume summary focuses on how the applicant can use their current skill set to succeed in a warehouse setting. It mentions a specific metric and explains the qualities that they could bring to the company and shows that the applicant wants to grow with the company.