How to Write a Mechanical Engineering Resume Objective with Examples

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A resume objective is your first opportunity to show an employer that your mechanical engineering skills and talents are exactly what they’re seeking to fill a position. This statement should be customized for each specific job you apply for so that it adds value to your resume and makes you stand out from other applicants. In this article, you can learn how to write an effective resume objective when applying for mechanical engineering jobs.

What is a resume objective?

A resume objective is a one- to two-sentence summary of your current professional goals, what value you bring and why you’re seeking employment with a specific company. The objective is typically located at the top of your resume, with the intent to capture the hiring manager’s attention and should strongly entice them to keep reading. This, in short, should concisely state why you’re the best candidate for the role. 

Your resume objective should highlight the relevant skills you’ve mastered in your career and connect them to the company at which you’re applying, describing both what the company will get from you and what your career objectives are.  

How to write an effective mechanical engineering resume objective

Follow these steps to create an impressive mechanical engineering resume objective:

1. First, identify the employer’s requirements

The employer will have requirements that are expected from the mechanical engineer they hire. You can find these by reading through the job posting and looking up job descriptions for your desired role. These will likely be a mix of personal qualities, professional skills and technical abilities.

2. Next, refer to the experience in your resume body 

Identify your most relevant accomplishments, skills and qualifications to highlight in your objective. These will most likely be the skills you learned in college, through internships, volunteer roles or previous work experience. Make sure to show clearly how these qualifications will benefit the employer.

3. Then, begin your statement with a strong desirable trait 

For example, you could describe yourself as ‘hard-working’ or ‘highly motivated’ to introduce your work ethic.

4. Next, add two to three relevant skills 

As you introduce yourself, be sure to include skills that align with the job you are applying for. You can check the job posting and choose the best skills that you would like to showcase as your qualifications. For example, ‘proficient in component prototyping’ or ‘skilled at inventory management.’

5. Then, state what you hope to accomplish for the company

It is important to highlight how your skills and knowledge can benefit the company if they hire you. For example, you could suggest that your years of experience will increase sales or your expertise as a mechanical engineer can streamline processes for the company.

6. Next, state the position you’re applying for

Make sure to mention the job title and even the company’s name. This makes it clear that you know exactly what role you are seeking, and it also lets the hiring manager know that you’re very interested in that specific opportunity. Adding these simple but essential details shows that you’ve taken the time to submit a customized application and you’re not just sending out the same generic resume to multiple employers.

7. Then, check to make sure that your objective is the ideal length 

The ideal length is two to three sentences long and does not use first-person pronouns. You can also use this step to proofread carefully and make sure your objective contains sufficient keywords that relate to the job. 

8. Last, repeat these steps and customize your resume objective for each position you apply to 

You should tailor your objective to the specific company and role. Refer back to the job posting and match your objective to what the employer is seeking. Make sure it’s clear what value you’ll bring to the company.

Mechanical engineering resume objective examples

Here are some examples you can refer to when writing your own mechanical engineering resume objective: 

  • Highly experienced Mechanical Engineer with a vast bank of knowledge in the field of engineering. Currently seeking a mechanical engineering position with a company that values efficiency and proper functioning of specialized mechanical tools.
  • Skilled Process Control Mechanical Engineer adept at cost-effective design, fabrication processes and continuous process improvement seeking a position with Massachusetts Scientific, Inc. to help increase process efficiency by decreasing cycle time and guaranteeing quality process development throughout the product life cycle.
  • Results-oriented Design Engineer with 10+ years in the field of mechanical engineering seeking a position with Pear Tech to utilize vast skills in design engineering, materials sourcing and supplier selection to further the brand’s objectives. 
  • Experienced Design Engineer with superb skills in all design tasks related to wire harness and cable design as well as electronic connections pursuing a role in which proficiency in detailed component specs and blueprinting, well-honed communication skills and an aptitude for cost efficiency are sought to further General Aviation’s corporate goals and growth.
  • Expert Mechanical Engineer with 15 years’ experience skilled in CAD modeling and Pro-E/CREO seeking a role with JHS Engineering in which fill-in support is needed during off-shifts and weekends.
  • Detail-oriented Mechanical Engineer with 8+ years’ experience in machine design seeking a position with Grave Automotive in which superior AutoCAD and SolidWorks proficiencies are desired.
  • Highly experienced Mechanical Engineer skilled in problem-solving and providing support with grid responsiveness within the energy sector seeks role with PL Solutions to provide creative solutions for ongoing advancement and cost-effective systems for cybersecurity and microgrids as well as renewable energy sources.
  • Dedicated Mechanical Engineer with 12+ years’ experience working with onsite equipment and research and development teams. Seeking a mechanical engineering role at Fortuna Industries, Inc. to apply extensive skills and expertise in developing and evaluating mechanical designs to further the company’s advancement.
  • Diligent and energetic Quality Engineer with extensive experience in performing quality testing and corrective actions on public-use mechanical products pursuing a position at Kruew Group, LLC to increase safety and productivity by decreasing instances of mechanical vulnerabilities. 
  • Highly focused Design Engineer seeking a mechanical engineering position in a fast-paced organization like Tier Equipment Corporation, in which the ability to create intricate designs with solid specifications is appreciated. 
  • Results-oriented Electrical Engineer with 8+ years of professional experience aspiring to work with Dryert, Inc. in which skills such as planning and designing effective production processes and blueprint creation and interpretation are sought to advance the company.
  • Quality-focused Engineer seeks to bring skills in systems evaluation and research coordination to a role within the Python Group in which these proficiencies can have an impact on the company’s overall growth. 
  • Dedicated and resourceful Methods Engineer with 10+ years of experience honing skills such as engineering design and component fabrication seeking to serve in a role with Aerospace Exploration to take device design and production beyond the latest innovations and efficiencies.
  • Experienced Quality Engineer with advanced skills in recognizing product defects and developing effective solutions seeking a role within the Vernack Engineering Group to increase profits, decrease waste and help bring Vernack to the forefront of the industry.