How to Write an Internship Resume Objective With Examples

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If you are planning to apply to open internship positions, you are going to need a well-written resume. One of the best ways to maximize the impact of your internship resume is to add an effective resume objective. Knowing how to write a resume objective that will successfully promote you as a potential hire will increase your chances of landing an exciting internship. This article explains what an internship resume objective is, what it includes and shares examples of internship resume objectives.

What is an internship resume objective?

Resume objectives are concise, well-written statements that effectively introduce the job applicant to the employer. They are typically comprised of one or two sentences and are usually positioned at the top of a resume. The purpose of a resume objective is to provide a summary of the applicant’s goals, abilities and qualifications. 

An internship resume objective might include a brief summary of the applicant’s education level, practical experience and skill set. When a hiring manager or employer receives a resume, they should be able to understand the applicant’s qualifications and goals just from reading the resume objective. In some cases, busy employers might overlook an intern’s application if the resume objective does not catch their attention, so it is important to dedicate time and effort to this step in the internship application process.

What does an internship resume objective include?

Here are some options for what to include in an internship resume objective:

Your field of study

If you are a student, you can include the name of your major in your objective. This is particularly beneficial if you are looking for an internship in an industry that relates to your studies.

Your skill set

You can include keywords in your objective that describe your specific skills. Be sure to highlight skills that you are confident in and that would be of use in the position for which you are applying.

Your career goals

One of the most important things an employer needs to know is what you hope to gain from the internship. Describe the specific goals you wish to achieve and the skills you want to improve while working as an intern.

Internship resume objective examples

Here are some examples of resume objectives that you can use as guidelines when writing your own internship resume:

  • ‘College sophomore seeking an entry-level internship position with Bradford Inc. Looking to exhibit an exceptional dedication to the organization’s operations while gaining practical experience in the woodworking industry.’
  • ‘In search of an internship position with Maxis Global to assist the marketing team in an administrative assistant capacity. Skilled office worker with an outstanding work ethic and attention to detail.’
  • ‘Forward-thinking individual with a passion and drive for creative writing. Hoping to acquire an internship position where I can use my excellent writing ability to contribute to television scripts with the ABS-TV broadcasting team.’
  • ‘High-achieving college student with an exceptional ability to perform well under pressure looking to contribute research skills to a team. Currently seeking an internship position in the field of politics or in the legal system.’
  • ‘Skilled mass communication student with exceptional organizational communication and public speaking skills. Looking for an opportunity to work as a reporting intern for the Channel One broadcast team.’
  • ‘Technologically brilliant software designer, highly skilled in web design and construction, looking for an opportunity to grow and develop professionally. Excited to gain an intern position with a web design company’s development team.’
  • ‘To secure a challenging position with Ackard Farms as an agricultural intern. Seeking this position with the main goal of obtaining extensive experience with both farming science and technology.’
  • ‘Seeking an internship position that would allow exploration into career options in the entertainment field. A committed and independent graduate student in the theatrical field, I have directed and produced several projects, starred in three independent productions and taught a high-school drama course.’
  • ‘Hoping to find a summer internship with Able Sisters where I can utilize my analytical and problem-solving skills in the marketing field. My studies as a marketing major and my part-time work experience as a marketing assistant have equipped me to be a valuable addition to any team.’
  • ‘Self-motivated and creative individual looking to contribute fresh ideas to an on-going public relations campaign. High-achieving honor student searching for an internship position that will utilize both my creative and analytical abilities, while allowing opportunities for professional growth and development.’
  • ‘In search of an internship with a renowned accounting firm which will help me expand my knowledge of accounting and utilize the determination and focus that I exhibit in all my work. I would be honored to continue my journey toward becoming an accountant alongside the skilled and capable team at Arthur and Bean.’
  • ‘Determined individual with experience in monitoring and running multiple social media profiles and campaigns. Exploring options for working as a social media intern for a progressive brand that is seeking to expand and improve its internet presence and customer interactions.’
  • ‘To find an internship working with skilled electrical engineers who can provide opportunities for me to use and develop my technical and analytical skills. Third-year engineering student with a 4.0 GPA, currently in the process of pursuing professional certification.’
  • ‘Looking for a part-time internship position as an assistant in a medical environment, ideally providing prenatal healthcare. Seeking a private practice where my medical knowledge and excellent bedside manner can be utilized to provide quality care to patients and beneficial assistance to a resident physician.’
  • ‘Resourceful self-starter, applying with eagerness for an internship with McMasters Designs. Looking for a challenging environment with a skilled team of artists who are willing to teach a variety of skills to a dedicated and bright student.’