How to List Server Skills on a Resume: Best Skills and Examples

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Servers are among the most important people in the restaurant industry because they work directly with customers to promote a positive dining experience. Since Servers are essential, employers want to see relevant and exceptional Server skills on your resume when you apply for a position. Learn more about how to add Server skills to your resume and how to improve them.

Why employers want to see Server skills on your resume

The responsibilities of a Server involve more than taking orders and serving food. They need to be knowledgeable about the menu and be ready to answer any questions. They also need to think quickly to resolve dining issues and understand special requests and considerations regarding medical conditions and food allergies. 

Employers want to see that you can work closely with customers, solve problems with little supervision and perform well in a fast-paced environment. Adding serving abilities to your resume shows you can handle all of the responsibilities that employers need you to complete. It can be helpful to review the job description to see if there are specific skills that the employer wants so you can keep their attention. 

How to list Server skills on a resume

If you’re looking to make your resume stand out, check out the following steps for listing relevant Server skills on a resume:

1. First, list your customer service skills and other soft skills relevant to enhancing the customer experience

Customer service skills are the most important skills for any Server to possess, but they can be difficult to teach. That’s why employers like to see that you already have the necessary customer service skills on your resume when you apply. Skills like active listening, creative problem-solving and memorization are all desirable abilities for a Server to have.

2. Next, detail skills specifically related to the restaurant industry

Hard skills in the dining industry can cover a wide array. Experience in operating a POS system is helpful as your employer won’t have to train you as much. Additionally, it’s beneficial to mention that you are familiar with food handling techniques and food safety procedures and standards. You can also mention your ability to review dishes for accuracy before delivering them to customers. 

3. Then, detail your collaborative abilities to highlight that you can work well as part of a team

The dining industry functions as the result of a well-coordinated team effort. The dining area and the kitchen must be in perfect sync to maximize the efficiency of service, and that includes effort on the Server’s part. List skills that demonstrate you know how to communicate with the kitchen. Written and verbal communication is essential, whether you’re writing orders or asking for details on different dishes. 

4. Finally, mention any skills you have related to the cleaning and organization of a dining space

Among a Server’s vast array of responsibilities are cleaning and organization. Servers are expected to prepare the dining room before services, and that means knowing how to set tables and create a welcoming atmosphere. At the end of the night, Servers are also expected to complete general cleaning duties. Mention your attention to detail and ability to spot clean throughout your shift to keep the restaurant looking tidy as well. 

Best Server skills to add to a resume

To make your resume stand out, here are the best skills you can add:

Customer service

Most customer service skills are relevant to a Server position, whether it’s general communication or the ability to upsell specials or new dishes. The importance of upselling varies based on the specific Server position, so make sure you check out the details of the job to determine how you should prioritize skills. Problem-solving skills are also important, as customers will have a variety of requests or complaints, and you’ll be expected to find a satisfactory solution.


Memorization skills are among the most important abilities that separate a good Server from a great Server. If you can take a table’s orders and deliver them to the kitchen without error, that will drastically increase your efficiency. Memorization is also important as any special considerations such as food allergies need to be accurately conveyed to the kitchen staff.


Restaurants work as a collaborative effort, so you’ll need to be able to communicate with hosts and hostesses, other Servers, bussers, food runners and kitchen staff. You should have good written communication skills in order to enter orders into the POS system or handwrite them and deliver them directly to the kitchen. Your orders should also communicate any special requests or substitutions as well. 


Being a Server can be stressful as the environment is often fast-paced and demanding. When the dining room is busy and you’re serving an entire section of tables with unique customer requests, you’ll need to be able to adapt to a rapidly changing environment. Adaptability is key to successfully navigate requests from customers and ensure they each enjoy the best experience possible.

How to improve Server skills

If you’re looking to improve your Server skills, be sure to follow these steps to enhance the most important and relevant abilities:

1. First, complete memory exercises

Training your memory is a great way to improve Server skills. You can use any of the numerous memory applications and games to develop your skills whenever you have free time.

2. Second, study the menu

As a Server, it’s your responsibility to know the restaurant’s menu, including portion sizes and available substitutions. Being able to answer questions immediately rather than going back to the kitchen will save time and ensure a more efficient customer experience.

3. Finally, watch other Servers

If you want to learn more about how to best interact with customers and improve your time-management skills, you can always listen to and watch other Servers. Good Servers can manage their sections to ensure everyone’s needs are met and provide an excellent dining experience.