How to Write an Education Resume Objective with Examples

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When preparing your resume for a job in education, it is important to ensure that you have an effective resume objective section. A well-written resume objective could help get you noticed by an employer or hiring manager. In this article, you can learn what a resume objective is and review examples of resume objectives for careers in education that can serve as a guide for creating your own.

What is a resume objective?

A resume objective is a brief action statement that describes the short-term career objectives of a job applicant and how their experience and goals fit the position they’re applying for. A well-written resume objective explains what a candidate hopes to achieve by pursuing this career path, makes their career goals clear and demonstrates why the candidate is the best one for the job.

Resume objectives are especially important for candidates with limited relevant experience, such as those who may be entering the workforce for the first time or pursuing a new career path. 

How to write a resume objective

Here are the steps for writing an effective resume objective: 

1. Firstly, highlight your qualifications

Highlight your best qualities and qualifications that make you an ideal candidate for the position you are applying for. This includes mentioning any degrees, certifications and licenses you have earned that are relevant to the job.

2. Secondly, describe your skills

Describe the specific skills and capabilities you possess that can help you in the education role you are applying for. This includes relevant technical skills as well as soft skills, such as communication skills and the ability to work with others as part of a teaching team.

3. Thirdly, keep it concise

Keep in mind that in many cases, a hiring manager is reviewing several resumes at a time to determine which candidates they want to move forward to the next step of the hiring process. For this reason, it is important to keep your objective statement as short and concise as possible. You can expand on the specific details in the other sections of your resume. A strong resume objective that is short and focused will capture the attention of a hiring manager better than one that is too lengthy.

Examples of education resume objectives

Here are some examples of education resume objectives that you can use as inspiration when writing your own:

High school English teacher

Example: ‘Seeking a position as a high school English teacher in a challenging classroom environment where I can use my classroom management skills. Looking to apply my bachelor’s degree in English to develop a curriculum for 20th-century literary classics.’

This example showcases educational qualifications that make the applicant suitable for a job as a high school English teacher.

High school principal

Example: ‘I am looking for an opportunity as a high school principal that requires excellent oral communication and strong leadership skills. I am hoping to use this opportunity to apply the skills and knowledge I obtained from my master’s degree training in educational administration.’

This example communicates leadership qualities that make the candidate qualified to work as a high school principal.

Private math tutor

Example: ‘Thorough, patient and detail-oriented individual currently pursuing a master’s degree in mathematics. Seeking employment as a private math tutor to spark passion in students studying math and help them achieve their academic goals.’

This resume objective focuses on the applicant’s motivation for becoming a private math tutor and addresses soft skills that make them an ideal candidate for working with students.

Elementary school art teacher

Example: ‘Experienced and committed art instructor seeks the opportunity to join the teaching staff at Hopkins Elementary as an art teacher. I have four years of related work experience, exceptional oral communication skills and excellent visual organization skills to present engaging lessons on subjects ranging from basic drawing to watercolor painting.’

This resume objective showcases the candidate’s technical and soft skills that may benefit them in a role as an art teacher. 

Philosophy professor

Example: ‘Academic with four years of teaching experience, excellent communication skills and multiple published articles on academic journals seeks employment with Walden University as a philosophy professor. Eager to apply skills learned while earning a Ph.D. to teach any branch of philosophy as required by the university curriculum.’

This particular example highlights teaching experience as well as educational qualifications that make the candidate suited for a philosophy professor position.

Elementary school lead teacher

Example: ‘Experienced teacher and private tutor with more than a decade of experience teaching students at different grade levels seeks position as elementary school lead teacher at Mendelsohn Academy. I will bring to the role my ability to motivate and inspire students and help them achieve their goals.’

With this resume objective, the candidate outlines a concrete plan for serving as an effective elementary school teacher.

Special education teacher

Example: ‘Thoughtful, gentle and highly-organized individual seeks a position as a special education teacher at Willow Academy. Possesses excellent classroom management, interpersonal and oral communication skills. Looking to add value to the lives of students at Willow Academy and maintain its standard in providing education to students with special needs.’

This resume objective focuses on personal qualities that make the candidate a good choice for a special education teacher position, such as thoughtfulness and interpersonal skills.

English tutor

Example: ‘Amiable and compassionate teacher seeks employment as an English tutor at Bradford School. More than five years of teaching experience, bringing expert-level knowledge of classic and contemporary literature, as well as proven ability to motivate and push students to succeed.’

This resume objective shows that the applicant plans to utilize an extensive literary background in becoming an effective English tutor.

College teaching assistant

Example: ‘Teaching assistant with four years of experience seeking employment as a college teaching assistant at Oldtown University. Hoping to have a positive impact on the faculty with strong clerical skills, attention to detail and proven classroom management skills.’

The applicant showcases specific skills that will be useful for a teaching assistant position, including management capabilities and attention to detail.

High school guidance counselor 

Example: ‘Self-starting individual with a bachelor’s degree in psychology and prior counseling experience seeking the position of high school guidance counselor with Adams High School. Possesses an exceptional grasp of group dynamics, conflict management and abnormal psychology.’ 

This is an effective resume objective for a high school guidance counselor because it communicates knowledge of group dynamics and conflict management, which may stand out to a hiring manager. 


Example: ‘Colorado University graduate seeks employment as a librarian at the Alexandria Library. Possesses strong organizational skills, a keen eye for detail and a thirst for knowledge, as well as the desire to maintain the academic standards that the Alexandria Library is known for.’

In addition to describing the applicant’s soft skills, this resume objective also conveys the applicant’s desire to maintain the standards set by the library. 

School library media specialist

Example: ‘Seeking employment at Cranford High School as a school library media specialist, bringing a thorough familiarity with various forms of media and technology. Hoping for a long-term position that offers ample opportunity to bridge various generations via the effective presentation of classic media.’

In this resume objective example, the candidate effectively communicates the desire to use media and technology for the benefit of library users.

Science teacher

Example: ‘Passionate and self-motivated individual with a Bachelor of Science in physics and currently pursuing a Ph.D. Seeking employment as a science teacher at Erwin High. Able to present lessons in a unique and engaging manner using innovative lecturing and instruction techniques to enhance the information presented in the textbook. Possesses comprehensive knowledge of multiple branches of science, including biology, chemistry and physics.’  

This resume objective demonstrates the candidate’s comprehensive background in several subjects that are essential for those who want to teach science. 

French teacher

Example: ‘Charismatic, passionate and engaging French teacher with more than five years of teaching experience seeks long-term employment at Middletown High School. Possesses a bachelor’s degree in modern languages with a specialization in French. Able to provide colloquial and practical instruction based on six years of residence in France.’

The applicant showcases teaching and practical experience that gives them an advantage over other candidates. 

Academic advisor

Example: ‘Detail-oriented individual with strong organizational abilities seeks employment at Little Rock Academy as an academic advisor, bringing a high level of attention to detail and extensive knowledge of current practices in curriculum design. Hoping to contribute to the further uplifting of the already-excellent standard of education offered at Little Rock Academy.’

This resume objective shows the candidate’s experience with curriculum development, which is an essential skill for an academic advisor.