How to Write a CNA Resume Objective with Examples

Resume objectives are important for a number of reasons and can be beneficial for CNAs searching for a new job. Including a resume objective on your Certified Nursing Assistant resume can help you stand out among other applicants and quickly allow the employer to better understand your career goals. This article reviews what a resume objective is and provides several examples of good objectives you can use to structure your own on your CNA resume.

What is a resume objective?

A resume objective or career objective is an opportunity for you to show how you could be the ideal employee. It’s a short statement where you outline your professional goals, showcase your skills and abilities as a Certified Nursing Assistant to the employer and let them know how you can help them to further their success. 

You are likely to find that your resume objective is different for each CNA position you apply for, and it is especially relevant if you are looking to change your career to nursing, or are applying for your first job after completing a state-approved nursing assistant program. You can use your resume objective to grab an employer’s attention and show them your transferable skills and how you can bring value to their company.

CNA resume objective examples

The more specific and detailed that a resume objective is, the more likely the resume will meet the standards of the application systems and show employers that your skill set aligns with the position you are applying for.

Examples of well-written CNA resume objectives that you can use as a guide:

  • Dedicated and compassionate Certified Nursing Assistant with proven communication, analytical and time-management skills gained during clinical training in a fast-paced, urgent care clinic and through spearheading a fundraising campaign that raised $5,000. Seeking a position as a nursing assistant to gain experience with geriatric patients and help the Memorial Hospital raise their patient satisfaction scores.
  • Experienced and reliable CNA with proven patient care and documentation skills seeking a position in neonatal care. Trained to work in a variety of hospital and clinical settings and able to work independently as well as part of a residential healthcare team.
  • Compassionate Certified Nursing Assistant with an extensive background in maternity care looking to provide my knowledge and commitment to patient satisfaction at Jones Hospital. 
  • Professional and dedicated CNA looking for a position as a nursing assistant at the doctor’s office of Murphy and Associates to apply my years of experience assisting patients with dementia.
  • Devoted Certified Nursing Assistant seeking a position at Gregor Hospital to apply my newly acquired knowledge of nursing with my expert skills in phlebotomy.
  • Certified Nursing Assistant looking for a position with a dermatologist’s office where I can apply my five years of dermatological experience and dedication to patient care and satisfaction.
  • Seeking a CNA position at Leone Memorial Hospital where I can maximize my seven years of first aid, emergency room and trauma experience.
  • Looking to obtain a CNA position at Stewart Medical Center. Offering more than 10 years of experience as a Nursing Assistant as well as exceptional compassion and eagerness to support patients as they regain their health.
  • Performance-oriented Certified Nursing Assistant with a passion for helping patients with various health issues. Looking to apply seven years of experience working in a hospital setting to help patients quickly and comfortably recover.
  • Seeking a CNA position at Urban Medical Center to help patients receive the highest level of care possible and increase their speed of recovery. Offering extensive experience and a passion for assisting doctors and nurses throughout the entire care process of patients.
  • Energetic and dedicated Nursing Assistant with in-depth knowledge and experience in administering patient medication and monitoring vital signs. Looking to use my two years of experience in nursing to help patients make a swift recovery back to health.
  • Looking to obtain a CNA position at Faith Hospital to apply my six years of experience in emergency and trauma care to assist in treating and monitoring patients in the most time-efficient and compassionate way possible.
  • Dedicated Certified Nursing Assistant looking for a position at Hilltop Medical Clinic to foster patients’ recovery and ensure the safest and most comfortable environment possible.
  • Detail-oriented Nursing Assistant with experience working as a nurse in a health clinic. Looking to apply my extensive expertise at North Shore Hospital as a CNA.
  • Looking to work as a CNA in a reputable hospital to help doctors and registered nurses in the trauma center by applying my knowledge of basic life-saving skills and first aid.
  • Dedicated CNA professional with extensive experience in hospice care. Seeking a nursing assistant position at Regional Hospice Center to help maintain a healthy and comfortable environment for patients.
  • Seeking a position at Metro Hospital as a Certified Nursing Assistant to offer my commitment to providing patient comfort care and expertise and experience with various medical instruments. Excellent interpersonal skills and written and verbal communication skills as well as experience in analyzing medical charts.

All of these resume objectives are good examples for a few reasons. First, each objective is specific to the position that is being applied for. These objectives also highlight particular experiences and skills that are directly related to the job. Many of these objectives include what could be considered keywords, or the specific skills that a job listing has asked for. 

Examples of resume objectives that are lacking in certain areas:

  • CNA seeking a role where I can apply my problem-solving abilities to help others.
  • Certified Nursing Assistant with experience in first aid hoping to work for a local hospital. 
  • Nursing Assistant with good organization and time-management skills looking for a position helping doctors and registered nurses.
  • Experienced CNA seeking a role where I can learn more skills and grow. 
  • Certified Nursing Assistant with experience in a fast-paced healthcare setting. Hoping to use skills to help patients. 

These CNA resume objective examples are vague and less compelling than the other examples. They don’t list the specific facility the candidate is applying to, which doesn’t show as much interest in the open role. Additionally, they don’t mention the level of experience, making it difficult to find out the skill level of the candidate. 

When writing an objective, it’s important to be as specific as possible in a small space.