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Some professionals thrive working outside of a regular office environment, which can open up opportunities to pursue roles with travel. There are available positions that require consistent traveling as part of your work duties, or you can work remotely with flexible hours and the freedom to travel on your own time. In this article, you can review different travel jobs to learn which path might be the best for you to pursue.

What is a travel job?

A travel job is a position that allows you to complete your responsibilities and duties outside of the typical office environment. Some travel jobs require employees to fly or drive to specific locations and complete assigned tasks there. Others allow you to work remotely according to your own schedule, as long as you finish tasks by their respective deadlines.

Best travel jobs

Here are the best travel jobs for professionals who are interested in regularly traveling while working:

Flight Attendant

National Average Salary: $28,740 per year

Role and Responsibilities: Flight Attendants serve guests on airplanes to ensure passengers are safe and comfortable during the flight. Their main responsibilities include conducting passenger safety checks, assisting guests with locating seat numbers, performing safety demonstrations, and serving beverages and food during the flight.

Tour Guide

National Average Salary: $29,973 per year

Role and Responsibilities: Tour Guides provide information about different structures like cities, museums, or other historical sites. They research and memorize informative facts and recite them to guests. Other responsibilities include remaining up to date on any changes to their tour site, answering questions, and keeping guests safe throughout the tour.


National Average Salary: $30,722 per year

Role and Responsibilities: Photographers take pictures of significant events like weddings, engagement photos, or family portraits. Other responsibilities include ensuring lighting and photo quality are strong, applying touch-ups to pictures, and posing subjects in a visually appealing manner.

Au Pair

National Average Salary: $34,133 per year

Role and Responsibilities: An Au Pair travels to a new country and provides childcare to a host family. They attend courses to learn the language of the country they’re living in and take care of the family’s children while their parents are working. Responsibilities include preparing meals, bathing children, lightly cleaning the home, and escorting children to and from school or other activities.

English as a Second Language Teacher

National Average Salary: $39,499 per year

Role and Responsibilities: An English as a Second Language Teacher is an educator who teaches children or adults how to speak, read and write in the English language. They often travel to different countries to organize learning materials, grade assignments or tests, research national teaching curriculums and create homework assignments for students.

Graphic Designer

National Average Salary: $41,172 per year

Role and Responsibilities: Graphic Designers work on a marketing team or provide freelance work as they design images or graphics for companies using computer design software. Other responsibilities include creating logos, building websites, and following the company’s color or font pallet to design marketing material.

Travel Agent

National Average Salary: $42,814 per year

Role and Responsibilities: Travel Agents plan and book travel arrangements for clients’ vacations. They are familiar with the destination their client is visiting and share tips to help guests have an enjoyable experience. Travel Agents book clients’ hotels, flights, insurance, and other necessary accommodations.


National Average Salary: $46,581 per year

Role and Responsibilities: Translators are fluent in more than one language and use these skills to help translate written and verbal communication between two parties. Other responsibilities include proofreading written material, creating subtitles for training videos, and interpreting languages between two parties during meetings in-person or over video chat.


National Average Salary: $49,816 per year

Role and Responsibilities: Writers can work directly for news publications and marketing departments or provide freelance material to different companies. They may have the opportunity to work remotely, which can allow them to travel as they write and work during hours that best fit their schedule. Their responsibilities can include writing articles, blog posts, advertising copy, website content, and other marketing material.

Truck Driver

National Average Salary: $59,142 per year

Role and Responsibilities: Truck Drivers transport and deliver materials to businesses or customers while operating a large truck. They may travel several hours or days to bring packages to their destinations. They are often responsible for keeping their truck clean, loading and unloading packages, following all traffic laws, and staying on schedule.

Yoga Instructor

National Average Salary: $65,166 per year 

Role and Responsibilities: A Yoga Instructor teaches yoga and has earned their license to lead students in proper yoga techniques. They receive education on the history of yoga and use it to help students exercise and maintain proper breathing to aid in relaxation.


National Average Salary: $70,555 per year

Role and Responsibilities: Geologists travel to various exploration sites to discover and research material on structures like soil, gas, fossils, and rocks. They take samples of these substances and test them to better understand the formation of these structures. Geologists work to find any hazards within the site’s land to make sure it’s safe to construct buildings, dams, or tunnels.

Airline Pilot

National Average Salary: $78,017 per year 

Role and Responsibilities: Airline Pilots fly with passengers or cargo on board. Other responsibilities include following instructions from air traffic controllers, reviewing pre-flight checklists, and staying up-to-date on weather conditions before takeoff.

Travel Nurse

National Average Salary: $86,216 per year

Role and Responsibilities: Travel Nurses move from one location to the next to provide healthcare to patients. They travel to clinics, hospitals, schools, or patients’ homes to provide temporary care. Responsibilities include treating patients and administering vaccines and other medication.

Telemedicine Physician

National Average Salary: $251,860 per year

Role and Responsibilities: Telemedicine Physicians are medical professionals who provide diagnoses and treatments to patients over video chats, phone calls, or online messaging systems. They typically treat patients with acute conditions that do not involve multiple visits or rounds of treatments.

Popular skills and qualifications to list on a resume for travel jobs

While each of these jobs may vary, here are common skills and qualifications you can list on a resume for travel jobs:

Communication skills

Travel jobs require regular communication. If you’re traveling to different destinations for your role, you must introduce yourself to new people, sometimes from different cultures. If you’re a remote worker, you’ll use your communication skills to check in with your supervisors or clients to provide overviews of the work you are completing.


Since you’re constantly traveling to new places, you should be adaptable to various workplace environments. You must adapt to situations such as flights being delayed or navigating to a meeting location. It’s important to know how to adapt to these problems, especially in stressful situations, so you can quickly resolve them and return to your job.

Organizational and time-management skills

Whether you’re traveling to or working in a remote location, you should complete your work by the respective deadlines. Time management and organizational skills allow you to book your flight and hotel in accordance with your work schedule and ensure you have all the material you need when you arrive at a new location.

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