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Having a flexible part-time position while you’re in school studying to be an engineer or working as a professional already provides an opportunity to learn valuable skills and gain experience. The ideal part-time job for you will depend on your interests, career goals, and education. This article covers some of the best part-time jobs for professional engineers and engineering students, with salary and job responsibility descriptions so you can find the right job for you.

What does an engineer do?

An engineer applies the principles of science and mathematics to develop solutions to technical problems. Their work applies to almost everything from the design and build of large-scale structures to molecular level delivery systems inside the body’s cells.

Examples of major engineering categories:

  • Mechanical
  • Civil
  • Medical
  • Electrical
  • Geotechnical
  • Management

Within these categories, there are hundreds of engineering-related job titles. Engineers can work just about anywhere from offices to construction sites to ships traveling the seas.

Best part-time engineering jobs

Here are well-paying jobs that might consider hiring part-time employees in the field of engineering.

Audio Visual Engineer

National Average Salary: $58,267 per year

Role and Responsibilities: An Audio Visual Engineer is responsible for setting up audio equipment and visual technology such as projectors, sound systems, cameras, microphones, and sound mixers. They also monitor the equipment during use, normally during live events, and repair equipment when needed.

Geotechnical Engineer

National Average Salary: $81,194 per year

Role and Responsibilities: Geotechnical Engineers utilize the principles of soil and rock mechanics as well as scientific methods and engineering principles to predict the behavior of the Earth’s crust. They use this knowledge to evaluate the stability and potential risks of site conditions, earthwork, and foundation construction for new buildings.

Structural Engineer

National Average Salary: $84,231 per year

Role and Responsibilities: Structural Engineers work within the civil engineering industry and are involved in a wide variety of jobs. They design many types of structures, including buildings, bridges, and tunnels, and generally work with Architects to ensure their designs are structurally sound.

Computer Engineer

National Average Salary: $86,373 per year

Role and Responsibilities: A Computer Engineer, also known as a Software Engineer, is responsible for developing memory devices, circuit boards, processors, and computer software. They are also involved in testing and evaluating these components. They may assist with developing computer games, business applications, and operating systems.

Chemical Engineer

National Average Salary: $90,118 per year

Role and Responsibilities: Chemical Engineers work in a number of industries including, but not limited to, pharmaceuticals, petrochemicals, food processing, microelectronics, biotechnology, and environmental health. They help design and develop processes for manufacturing chemicals by applying chemistry, biology, mathematics, and physics principles.

Network Architect

National Average Salary: $93,221 per year

Role and Responsibilities: Network Architects, also known as Network Engineers, ensure the integrity of network infrastructures to maintain maximum performance. They are responsible for the implementation and development of networks within organizations and sometimes design the networks themselves.

Reliability Engineer

National Average Salary: $105,429 per year

Role and Responsibilities: Reliability Engineers are responsible for managing asset reliability risks for plants or businesses that could negatively affect operations. They test products and production methods used in the industrial manufacturing sector to ensure they work reliably and identify any potential future problems. They also combine math, science, and engineering principles to assess ways to reduce costs, looking at current equipment, materials, and employee efficiency.

Development Operations Engineer

National Average Salary: $126,946 per year

Role and Responsibilities: DevOps Engineers work with IT staff and developers and oversee code releases for software. Their tasks include studying and observing systems then recording performance results. They also configure operational priorities, manage projects and develop solutions for operations.

Best part-time jobs for engineering students

Here are some of the best part-time jobs for engineering students to consider.

Data Entry Clerk

National Average Salary: $12.64 per hour

Role and Responsibilities: A Data Entry Clerk maintains a database by entering and updating information. They also retrieve data when needed and sometimes use specialist programs to translate ambiguous manuscripts and transfer them into a database. This job requires organizational and numeracy skills, as well as software knowledge and proficient typing skills.

File Clerk

National Average Salary: $13.42 per hour

Role and Responsibilities: File Clerks are similar to data entry, but they are responsible for sorting information for businesses and institutions with exceptionally large amounts of data and responsible for locating this information later when requested by staff. This job requires analytical skills and a high level of detail orientation and prioritization.


National Average Salary: $13.46 per hour

Role and Responsibilities: A Receptionist is responsible for greeting visitors, answering multi-line phones, handing and sorting mail, and other clerical duties. They may also handle security and telecommunication systems and ensure office procedures are followed for guests and deliveries. This job requires heavy multitasking and interpersonal skills.

Technical Support Specialist

National Average Salary: $15.81 per hour

Role and Responsibilities: Technical Support Specialists have knowledge regarding computers, electronics, and software. They are responsible for educating others about how systems and software work and spend most of their time troubleshooting technology-related problems. They may work in a call center answering phones or work on-site helping install, clean and repair computer hardware and software for businesses or individuals.

Technical Writer

National Average Salary: $16.49 per hour

Role and Responsibilities: Technical Writers transform complex information into easy-to-understand visuals and text. They may create diagrams, write instruction manuals, how-to guides, and other supporting documents to explain how something works. They may also write training guides and journal articles.

Research Assistant

National Average Salary: $17.83 per hour

Role and Responsibilities: Research Assistants generally work in laboratory settings and are normally employed by universities or research institutes. They perform academic or private research, helping the Lead Researcher gather and organize information. Many colleges employ student researchers to assist with a research project in their field.

High School or College Tutor

National Average Salary: $21.58 per hour

Role and Responsibilities: Tutors assist other students in learning specific educational topics. They may review papers, homework assignments, and projects to help students understand subjects better. They also sometimes develop study materials to teach students complicated ideas and information.

Popular skills and qualifications to list on a resume for engineering jobs

Here is a list of desirable skills and qualifications to add to your resume when applying for engineering jobs:

Leadership and management skills

Engineers frequently manage teams, which requires project management skills, such as risk management and quality control, along with a good grasp of teamwork. They also often collaborate with other departments and need to have strategic planning and organizational skills to bring people together.

Verbal and written communication

Engineers need a variety of interpersonal skills and emotional intelligence because they work with complex technology and regularly communicate with individuals outside of their fields who do not have the same technical background. It’s important for any engineer to have the ability to break down intricate information into easily digestible details and be an active listening who can give constructive feedback and approach work with an open mind.

An analytical mind

Engineer work involves looking at several components and figuring out how they fit into a bigger picture. Engineers should be able to apply critical thinking and problem-solving skills to identify complex issues, then analyze them to make quick and sometimes creative decisions to implement appropriate solutions.

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