Complete Guide to Looking for a Part Time Job

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If you’re looking for a part-time job, there are many options you can consider. Working a part-time schedule offers flexibility and other benefits such as extra income and allowing more time to devote to family or your studies. This guide will tell you how to look for a part-time job and provide some examples of common part-time jobs in different industries.

When should you look for a part-time job?

You may want to look for a part-time job if you are already employed but need extra income. Another good reason is if you are a full-time or part-time student. Additionally, you can look for a part-time job if you want more time to care for children or a family member at home or if you just want more time for yourself.

How to look for a part-time job

Follow these steps to start looking for a part-time job:

1. First, inspect local staffing agencies

You can start by checking your local staffing agencies regarding any job openings. These agencies can use their connections with potential employers to find you a suitable part-time job. You can also be specific about the job you wish to take with these agencies. Seek a job that matches your skills or your future career goals.

2. Second, review advertisements

Both online and print advertisements are excellent sources of job information. You may also consult online employment portals. These portals may offer part-time jobs with flexible work schedules. You can also find skill-specific jobs form these job boards, or you can search for a specific type of job offered either in your area or remotely.

3. Third, consult small businesses

It may be helpful to consider smaller companies and startups for part-time jobs. These types of companies often offer flexibility. A similar option includes specialized firms that provide services related to your specific skills. If you are considering writing, for example, you may consider a part-time writing job at a small publishing house or magazine. You may also contact the companies directly through their email or social media accounts. 

Some firms have their job application forms available on their websites, or you could show up in person at these companies and ask if a job is available. You may leave your resume for any future job offerings if one is not presently available.

4. Then, find campus jobs

Part-time jobs may be available for students on campus. Students can check in with their university departments for any part-time positions available. You may ask your professors if they need a research assistant or a student-teacher, or you could look for a job at your school’s library or any on-campus stores. Because these businesses operate on campus, they’re often understanding of a student’s need for a flexible work schedule.

5. Lastly, start networking

You can greatly increase your chances of getting any type of job by building your professional network. Let your friends and family members know that you are looking for a part-time job, or you could ask a previous manager or co-worker for recommendations. You may mention your necessity and preferences regarding the job. These people may be able to connect you to a part-time job opening that the employer has not advertised. 

Part-time jobs with computers

Below are some examples of part-time jobs that involve working with computers:

Medical Transcriptionist

National Average Salary: $15.26 per hour

Role and Responsibilities: A Medical Transcriptionist transcribes audio recordings of physicians into written reports. They are also responsible for creating patient’s medical charts and notes required by insurance companies when reviewing a claim. They may additionally produce other documents like a new patient welcome message, patient referrals and correspondence with physicians and insurance companies.

Web Developer

National Average Salary: $77,178 per year

Role and Responsibilities: A Web Developer typically works for a client or an agency. They code and design websites based on design wireframes, a client request or a template. Their main priority is to create user-friendly and visually appealing websites.

Software Engineer

National Average Salary: $106,816 per year

Role and Responsibilities: A Software Engineer designs, develops and installs software solutions to develop information systems. They also study work processes, data usage, systems flow, information needs and conferring with users to develop software solutions. 

Part-time jobs in writing

Here are a few examples of part-time jobs you can start with if you are good at writing:

Freelance Copywriter

National Average Salary: $25.69 per hour

Role and Responsibilities: A Freelance Copywriter writes content for businesses contractually. They can work through intermediaries such as online work exchanges or agencies, or they may work directly with clients. Their content can be seen in printed marketing, advertisements, digital media or websites and is often used to persuade people to use a company’s products or services.


National Average Salary: $30,446 per year

Role and Responsibilities: A Journalist gathers information, writes news pieces and presents their findings in a balanced and honest manner. This allows them to educate the people about issues and events and how they can affect their lives. Apart from reporting and investigating current events, they also write features and articles that influence and update public opinion.

Part-time office jobs

Below are some examples of part-time jobs in an office:

Office Clerk

National Average Salary: $13.78 per hour

Role and Responsibilities: An Office Clerk handles many tasks around the office. Based on the job, their responsibilities may include filing, faxing, data processing, mailing, message delivery, sorting incoming mail, running errands and much more. Every Office Clerk has different job duties and they vary by the type of office. For example, a marketing firm will have different tasks for their clerk than a hospital office.

Administrative Assistant

National Average Salary: $15.58 per hour

Roles and Responsibilities: An Administrative Assistant works on a variety of administrative and clerical tasks. Some of these include answering telephones, managing schedules, arranging for travel and meetings and more. The purpose of an Administrative Assistant is to provide support to office visitors, other employees and managers by handling various tasks to ensure positive and productive interaction between the firm and others.

Part-time customer service jobs

Below are some examples of part-time jobs in customer service:

Customer Service Representative

National Average Salary: $13.25 per hour

Roles and Responsibilities: Customer Service Representatives assist customers with questions and complaints, give them information about services and products, process returns and take orders. They act as the front line of support for customers and clients, and they ensure that customers feel satisfied with services, products and features their company offers. 

Telephone Surveyor

National Average Salary: $11.50 per hour

Roles and Responsibilities: Telephone Surveyors collect necessary information by phone and carry out the following duties daily: making simple calculations, reporting survey problems, recording customers’ responses to open-ended questions, typing answers, asking questions from respondents and making outbound calls. Other essential job skills include computer competency, good communication skills, attention to detail, time management, accuracy and telephone etiquette.


National Average Salary: $13.16 per hour

Roles and Responsibilities: A Telemarketer encourages customers to purchase merchandise and services by following a pre-planned sales pitch that gives product and service information as well as price quotes. This also involves answering questions from customers. After making a sale, they complete orders by recording purchases, addresses and names.