Best Jobs for Teens With Salaries

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If you’re a teen and you’re looking for a job, this list of the best jobs for teens will help you to find a position that is right for you. A good job for a teenager will usually be a part-time position during the school year or a full-time position during the summer. This article offers a list of jobs that will match the talents, interests and abilities of most teenagers.

What are jobs for teens?

Jobs for teens are usually those that can be held with no experience. Some teens talk to adults that they know in order to find a job. Other teens might find a job by applying to local businesses in their neighborhood. You’ll be trained to follow workplace rules, perform a range of tasks and meet the expectations of your supervisors. The skills that you learn in your first job as a teen may help you to move toward your future career goals. 

Best teen jobs

Here are some of the best jobs for teenagers:

Car Wash Attendant

National Average Salary: $10.46 per hour

Role and Responsibilities: Car Wash Attendants assist in washing cars and carry out other work duties that make car wash facilities run smoothly, such as replenishing cleaning supplies and general cleaning. These employees are also expected to treat customers and vehicles with respect.


National Average Salary$11.44 per hour

Role and ResponsibilitiesHousekeepers take care of light cleaning tasks at private homes, hotels, offices or hospitals. Usually, Housekeepers will replace sheets and other bedding, in addition to mopping, sweeping and vacuuming. Duties will vary depending on the work environment, but most Housekeepers make sure that common areas and bedrooms are clean and well-maintained. They also let managers know about necessary repairs and stock linen rooms.

Grocery Store Bagger

National Average Salary: $11.78 per hour

Role and Responsibilities: Grocery Store Baggers assist customers by putting their purchased items into bags. Before they arrange items in bags, Grocery Store Baggers may ask customers whether they want plastic or paper bags. They also greet customers and return grocery carts to appropriate areas. A Grocery Store Bagger will also help out cashiers by doing price checks.


National Average Salary$11.87 per hour

Role and ResponsibilitiesA Lifeguard watches over and assists swimmers if there are problems in the pool and surrounding area. Lifeguards may oversee activities at aquatic facilities, teach swimming lessons and enforce rules. In order to qualify, you’ll need first-aid and CPR training. 

Retail Sales Associate

National Average Salary: $12.10 per hour

Role and Responsibilities: A Retail Sales Associate will help customers with their purchases by finding out what they need, showing them appropriate items, taking payments, keeping sales records and wrapping up purchases or arranging to have purchases delivered. A Retail Sales Associate is also known as a Sales Clerk, Salesperson or Retail Clerk. Retail Sales Associates also process returns and exchanges for customers.

Food Service Associate

National Average Salary: $12.29 per hour

Roles and Responsibilities: Food Service Associates are the first people that customers talk to when they enter fast-food restaurants or pick up food at drive-through windows. These employees ensure customer satisfaction by fulfilling requests, resolving any complaints and responding to comments or questions. These employees must also make certain that food service areas and other parts of restaurants are kept clean. Some Food Service Associates may also use restaurant equipment like deep-fryers.

Newspaper Carrier

National Average Salary$497 per week

Role and Responsibilities: While many people get their news through electronic devices these days, there are still a lot of people who love receiving (and reading) newspapers each day. A Newspaper Carrier is the one who gets newspapers where they need to go. Teens who deliver newspapers have paper routes, which include a range of addresses. They may need to collect payments from people who receive newspapers. Sometimes, customers will offer tips to their Newspaper Carrier.

Camp Counselor

National Average Salary: $12.73 per hour

Role and Responsibilities: Camp Counselors are responsible for coordinating, conducting and supervising recreational activities for kids and teens while they are at summer camp. These employees create rewarding and fun environments for campers, while also ensuring that campers are safe and well. Camp Counselors need to follow camp rules carefully and need to have great people skills. This is a good job for a person who loves camping and enjoys being in group settings.

Lawn Care Specialist

National Average Salary: $13.91 per hour

Role and Responsibilities: Becoming a Lawn Care Specialist is a good way to make money while getting fresh air and exercise. Teens may mow lawns, rake leaves, pull weeds and do other basic lawn care tasks. Most teenagers get started with lawn care by talking to neighbors and asking if they need any yard work done.  


National Average Salary: $15.26 per hour

Role and Responsibilities: A Canvasser for a charitable foundation goes out into a community and tries to raise funds and/or awareness for a charity. A Canvasser may stand on a busy street and talk to passersby about the charity or go from door to door.


National Average Salary: $16.36 per hour

Role and Responsibilities: A Babysitter temporarily takes care of a child (or children) while parents or guardians are away. A Babysitter is also called a Sitter or a Nanny and they are usually responsible for planning activities to keep kids happy and occupied, such as arts and crafts, games and sports. Some Babysitters do additional tasks including tutoring, light housekeeping and cooking.

Pet Sitter

National Average Salary: $39,819 per year  

Role and Responsibilities: Any teen who loves caring for animals and spending time with them may enjoy becoming a Pet Sitter. Pet Sitters give care and comfort to pets while their owners are away. They may walk pets, administer medications and replenish food and water. Some Pet Sitters take pets to appointments. Teens may also enjoy walking more than one dog for additional earnings.


National Average Salary: $21.44 per hour

Role and Responsibilities: Teens who tutor assist students who need help with specific subjects. Tutors generally work one-on-one with students, but they may sometimes tutor small groups. Tutors may help middle and high school students after school, typically at a student’s home or at a tutoring facility. Some Tutors specialize in particular subjects, such as math or English, while others are able to help with more than one subject.

Popular skills and qualifications to list on a resume for teen jobs

While every job is different, here are some popular skills and qualifications that you can list on your resume when applying for teen jobs:

Computer skills

Having basic computer skills is appealing to many prospective employers because most jobs require the inclusion of technology and computer software.

Leadership skills

Demonstrating leadership skills on your resume shows prospective employers that you are willing and able to work with others and can possibly move into a position of management.

People skills

People skills are important and necessary to include on a resume as the majority of jobs for teens will embrace customer service as a top priority.