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Different Types of IT Jobs With Salaries

Information technology (IT) professionals use a variety of equipment and technology including computers, networks, software and servers. Many of the skills learned, either through education or work experience, can be applied to a wide range of rewarding IT jobs. In this article, you can learn more about the many different types of IT jobs along with salary for each one.

What are IT jobs?

There are many jobs that qualify as information technology jobs and the IT field has many opportunities for individuals with various levels of experience, education and skill sets. Certain IT jobs require advanced certificates, associate’s degrees, bachelor’s degrees and master’s degrees, but advanced education is not always required. 

Most common types of IT jobs

Here is a list of the most common IT jobs:

IT Support Specialist

National Average Salary: $20.18 per hour

Roles and Responsibilities: IT Support Specialists are responsible for fixing IT issues that may happen on a daily basis in an organization. They may troubleshoot issues with an employee who is having trouble with their computer systems and hardware. They may also perform maintenance on all hardware and software, which includes configuring, installing and updating hardware and software. The education required for this position is typically an associate’s degree with some jobs requiring a bachelor’s degree for employment. Other companies may require some form of certification but they might not require formal education.

Database Administrator

National Average Salary: $92,937 per year

Roles and Responsibilities: Businesses now have more reliance on databases and computer systems, and Database Administrators are highly-trained tech professionals who are responsible for maintaining the database integrity of a company. Their duties may vary depending on the size of the organization they work for, but their primary duties include installing database servers, software and updates, resolving operational issues when there is a shutdown, transferring old data to new databases and developing a security model that blocks viruses and attacks. They also work closely with the Systems Administrator to ensure the systems are efficient. Many employers prefer to hire Database Administrators who have a bachelor’s degree in computer science or related field. 

Cloud Engineer

National Average Salary: $126,254 per year 

Roles and Responsibilities: A Cloud Engineer is responsible for designing, planning and managing any technological duties that are related to cloud computing. They assess a business’s infrastructure to determine their cloud-computing needs and they may move important business applications and processes to a variety of private, public and hybrid cloud services. To become a Cloud Engineer, you must obtain a bachelor’s degree in computer science or information technology. It is essential that these IT professionals have several years of experience with well-known programming languages.

Web Developer

National Average Salary: $75,431 per year 

Roles and Responsibilities: Web Developers can be front end or back end. Back End Developers take care of any of the unseen coding of websites, and a Front End Developer typically manages the layout, design, planning and function of websites. It is not necessary to get a post-secondary education if you are interested in becoming a Web Developer. The most common form of education for this position is an associate’s degree in web design. You may also choose to take certification classes to help you develop your skills and deepen your understanding of certain programming languages. 

Information Security Analyst

National Average Salary: $84,999 per year 

Roles and Responsibilities: These IT professionals analyze the cyber risks an organization may have and they take specific measures to protect the computer systems and networks of a business. They are responsible for planning and implementing the latest technologies to protect organizations from any attacks or breaches. To become an Information Security Analyst, you must meet the minimum education requirement and possess a bachelor’s degree in computer science, programming, information assurance or a related field. Some employers may prefer to hire someone with a Master of Business Administration in information systems.

Software Engineer

National Average Salary: $107,490 per year

Roles and Responsibilities: Software Engineers apply their computer science experience to develop and build computer systems and software. These professionals should have a great deal of knowledge of computer operating systems, software development and programming languages. To become a Software Engineer, you must complete a bachelor’s degree in computer science, software engineering, computer systems engineering or a related field. Some jobs may require an advanced degree like a master’s or doctorate in a related discipline. 

Development Operations Engineer

National Average Salary: $126,299 per year

Roles and Responsibilities: A DevOps engineer is responsible for overseeing several IT professionals such as system operators, software developers and any other IT staff who are involved in deployments and code releases. They must have an extensive understanding of the IT infrastructure and hybrid cloud environments. They also are responsible for selecting the proper deployment model and monitoring performance once codes are released. You should pursue your bachelor’s degree in computer science or a related discipline if you are interested in becoming a DevOps Engineer.

Mobile Applications Developer

National Average Salary: $104,893 per year

Roles and Responsibilities: An App Developer is responsible for creating, programming, testing and fixing mobile apps for mobile phones, computers and other devices. They are also responsible for app updates that resolve any issues and fix bugs. The minimum educational requirement to be considered for this position is a bachelor’s degree in software engineering or another discipline. 

IT Manager

National Average Salary: $89,801 per year

Roles and Responsibilities: IT Managers are responsible for directing, planning and coordinating any activities that are related to the computer systems and information systems of a company. To become an IT Manager, you need to meet the minimum education requirement and possess a bachelor’s degree in IT or a related field. 

Network Administrator

National Average Salary: $68,781 per year

Roles and Responsibilities: Network Administrators are responsible for the day-to-day operations of a company’s network systems such as local area networks and wide area networks, intranets and other systems. Company’s that use several computers or software platforms typically need a Network Administrator to connect and coordinate these systems. The minimum education requirement for this position is a bachelor’s degree in computer science, engineering or another computer-related field. Candidates who are highly sought after typically have about two to three years of experience working in the field.