ISFJ Careers: Best Jobs for Your Personality

Your personality plays a part in determining which jobs will be a good fit for you and which ones you will enjoy. Finding opportunities that align with your strengths can help you to be happy and successful at work. One personality type is ISFJ, or Introverted, Sensing, Feeling, Judging, based on the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. In this article, you can learn the best jobs for people with the ISFJ personality type.

Finding the Best Job for Your Personality 

If you describe yourself as having an ISFJ (Introverted, Sensing, Feeling, and Judging) personality type, you can consider these top career choices: 

  • Career counselor
  • Office manager
  • Human resource specialist
  • Librarian 
  • Social worker
  • Auditor
  • Administrator
  • Researcher
  • Chemical engineer
  • Pediatrician

Career Counselor 

A career counselor can work in an academic environment, on a consultancy basis, or even as part of a company’s human resources department to help people find the right career path. They use aptitude tests and achievement assessments to evaluate a person’s interests, abilities and skills to match the individual with the right training and career opportunities. Career counselors also help people find grants and scholarships, especially counselors who work in an academic setting. 

Office Manager 

An office manager takes on many responsibilities to ensure an office operates smoothly and efficiently. Duties include reception tasks, copy editing, and handling specific paperwork or filing jobs. The office manager also oversees and directs other office staff to ensure tasks are done properly and in a timely manner. Office managers may also help guide the direction of the company’s growth by speaking with upper management about company goals and finding ways to achieve those goals by suggesting improvements for day-to-day processes. 

Human Resources Specialist 

A human resources specialist plays an essential role in recruiting candidates, pre-screening applicants, and interviewing potential hires. They work to place new employees in the perfect position while assisting with employee training and ongoing employee relations. This includes helping employees understand compensation, benefits and morale. Human resources specialists even work to implement employee incentive programs and other initiatives to promote higher productivity. 


Librarians play an important role in keeping a library orderly. They also help patrons by answering questions, finding books and assisting in helping them find additional information for research. Librarians must be familiar not only with their own inventory of books but also with online research methods. This role requires good research skills along with interpersonal skills and an interest in working with the library’s community.

Social Worker 

Social workers play an important role in the community to help children and families in need of assistance. Social workers develop plans to solve common problems, including getting assistance for people with mental, emotional and behavioral issues. This career is challenging but rewarding, and duties range from interviewing and counseling to administrative work. Social workers encounter challenging situations as well and may work with attorneys and law enforcement to carry out their job responsibilities. 


Auditors hold a similar role to accountants and bookkeepers. The main role of an auditor is to examine financial records at an organization. Report preparation and verification are important parts of an auditor’s job, as they need to keep financial records accurate to ensure taxes are filed properly. Overall, auditors assess the financial aspects of an organization’s operation to keep things efficient and profitable. 


An administrator, or office administrator, has multiple responsibilities each day. While working in a standard office environment, an administrator must accept phone calls, manage filing systems, set appointments, oversee daily schedules, organize events on behalf of the company, and handle data entry and reception tasks. In this role, no two days are the same. Some offices are more fast-paced than others.


A researcher, or research scientist, takes on the responsibilities of designing trials, investigations, or experiments based in a laboratory. They must analyze information and draw conclusions based on results. They may also design and redesign studies to achieve specific results. This position could place you at an environmental organization, government lab, specialist research group, or even at a university exploring a range of different fields and projects. 

Chemical Engineer

Chemical engineers explore the fields of math, physics, chemistry and biology all at once in order to solve problems involving chemicals, food, fuel, pharmaceuticals and other products. People in this role must always seek new processes and solutions. By constantly discovering new challenges and finding ways to solve them, you can expect thought-provoking daily research. 


Pediatricians play an important role in the health and well-being of many patients, from newborns to young adults. Pediatricians must examine, diagnose and treat children who suffer from a number of injuries, conditions and diseases. Medical duties include administering vaccinations and other in-office procedures that are essential to a patient’s ongoing wellness.