Best Self-Employed Jobs for Work/Life Balance

If you would like to find a more stable work/life balance, this could mean a transition from working for someone to working for yourself. A self-employed job means flexibility, greater freedom from schedules and in some cases, more time for yourself and your family. In this article, you can learn about self-employed jobs to help you reach your desired level of work/life balance.

Why you should consider self-employed jobs for better work/life balance

In addition to flexibility and freedom, you can set your own rates and hours. Self-employed jobs are perfect for people who want to spend more time at home or for students who need to work around their class schedules. For someone seeking work/life balance, this can be a great opportunity to learn new skills and find your passion. Some employers also look for freelancers, which is similar to being self-employed.

The best self-employed jobs to help you find work/life balance

To help you determine the right job for work/life balance, you might want to consider a role with flexible schedules and more freedom to do what you need to achieve that balance.

Here are some of the best self-employed jobs in various industries:


National Average Salary: $24.11 per hour

Freelance writers create articles, blogs, movie scripts, books, advertising copy and other materials for organizations or individuals who may have difficulty writing themselves. Freelance writers are usually required to do their research on the chosen topic.


National Average Salary: $14.41 per hour

A driver picks people up from a specific location and takes them to another specific location quickly and safely. You may work for a taxi company, a limousine company or other ride-share services. You could also be a personal chauffeur. Drivers need to have a clean driving record and a valid license. Some companies may require that you pass a driving test or provide your own vehicle.

Event Planner

National Average Salary: $15.60 per hour

Event planners manage occasions such as corporate functions or weddings. They plan every detail of the event including booking the venue, coordinating catering and booking entertainment, and will oversee set up and post-event clean up. Event planners are highly organized with excellent communication skills. They have a thorough understanding of event management and a great relationship with local vendors.


National Average Salary: $21.35 per hour

Tutors can work from a variety of places, including a library or school, at a student’s home or through larger companies that provide storefronts for tutoring. A tutor assists students with difficult subjects and will conduct lessons and work with students to improve academic performance. Some companies even provide tutoring virtually through video chat software. Tutors should have expertise in the subjects they tutor and should have an encouraging attitude. Interpersonal communication skills are crucial to being a successful tutor.

Personal Trainer

National Average Salary: $21.50 per hour

As a personal trainer, you design workout routines that help your clients meet personal fitness goals. You show your clients how to perform exercises and track their progress. A personal trainer needs to have clear communication skills and be highly motivating. A background in exercise science or kinesiology is usually required.

Career Coach

National Average Salary: $15.96 per hour

A career coach works with clients to identify goals and develop a future career path. Career coaches may also help clients find new opportunities and help to prepare them for interviews or networking events. A career coach should be familiar with the job market and have an area of expertise. They are great active listeners and are adept in leadership and business success strategies. 


National Average Salary: $13.90 per hour

A transcriptionist listens to live or recorded speech and transcribes it into text. A transcriptionist can contract with a transcription service or may work directly for a business. They are skilled in grammar and syntax and are excellent active listeners. They can type quickly and accurately and have a comprehensive understanding of grammar and spelling.

Social Media Specialist

National Average Salary: $13.62 per hour

Social media specialists use strategies to build, manage and maintain followers on social media platforms. A social media specialist will work on behalf of organizations or public figures. They have an in-depth knowledge of marketing for social media and how to drive paid or organic social media engagement. They can understand and interpret analytics, set performance goals and create reports for clients on their progress.

e-Commerce Specialist

National Average Salary: $13.25 per hour

An e-commerce specialist helps companies sell items by using online platforms. They will help attract customers and retain them for future sales. An e-commerce specialist also conducts sales analyses and develops goal-oriented initiatives based on findings. They have experience selling on these types of online platforms, and they have a marketing acumen that attracts customers. 

Graphic Designer

National Average Salary: $17.45 per hour

A graphic designer uses special software to create customized graphics for websites, advertisements, social media and other printed or digital materials. They help companies develop logos, branding collateral and ad campaigns. Graphic designers have an understanding of color and design and are skilled in software programs meant for design.