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When searching for a career, it can be difficult to identify professions that are adequately challenging, exciting and diverse. Careers in marketing are a great way to combine knowledge, expertise and creativity in order to improve an organization’s image and placement within the market. Learn what a marketing job is, see a list of positions within this field and learn about some of the skills and qualifications that you should list on your resume so you can find the marketing job for you.

What is a marketing job?

Those that hold marketing positions are responsible for forming, publicizing and maintaining an organization’s image, running promotions across different media channels and selling products. You can find marketing roles in nearly every industry as they help clients manage brands or products, foster positive customer relationships, improve inter-organization communications and develop branding strategies. There are a wide range of roles within the field of marketing, all of which focus on different aspects or specialties. Regardless of the position, experience and industry knowledge are extremely beneficial in this field.

The development of new media platforms means that there are constantly new positions and specialties forming within marketing. Those that decide to pursue a career in this field will need to conduct regular research into the latest marketing trends and techniques as marketing and client needs evolve.

Best marketing jobs

Here are the best marketing jobs:

Social Media Manager

National Average Salary: $48,753 per year

Role and Responsibilities: Social Media Managers are responsible for developing brand awareness through social media marketing campaigns in order to generate sales or leads. They accomplish this by maintaining and regularly updating a company’s social media channels with relevant content. In addition to posting on behalf of the company, Social Media Managers are also responsible for interacting with the account’s followers, tracking the amount of engagement and social media trends and tailoring their marketing strategies accordingly.

Marketing Specialist

National Average Salary: $49,770 per year

Role and Responsibilities: As one of the most common marketing jobs, Marketing Specialists perform essential tasks that support and grow a company’s services and products. These tasks include researching industry and customer trends in order to determine the services and products that are in high demand. After gathering information about pricing, new products, the top competitors and trends, Marketing Specialists create reports and sales presentations to communicate the data.

SEO Specialist

National Average Salary: $52,677 per year

Role and Responsibilities: SEO, or search engine optimization, Specialists improve the rankings of websites on search engines by selecting effective keywords and employing other SEO tactics. Keywords play a huge role in search engine optimization and SEO Specialists ensure that the content, meta tags, alt tags, header tags and page titles are all appropriately optimized. Additionally, they are responsible for making sure that a company’s website enhances a customer’s experience, evaluating the SEO campaign’s effectiveness and then making adjustments accordingly.

Public Relations Manager

National Average Salary: $58,399 per year

Role and Responsibilities: Public relations professionals manage all communications with the public, consumers and media on behalf of an organization. Public Relations Managers work to ensure that an organization maintains a positive image by publishing press releases, promoting events and serving as spokespeople.

Digital Marketing Manager

National Average Salary: $61,614 per year

Role and Responsibilities: Due to the fact that more focus is being placed on online advertising, the new field of digital marketing has emerged. Digital Marketing Managers oversee an organization’s e-sales and online advertising by using their expertise in web design, content management, pay-per-click (PPC) advertising and search engine optimizations (SEO).

Marketing Analyst

National Average Salary: $63,038 per year

Role and Responsibilities: The primary responsibility of a Marketing Analyst is to determine which services and products to sell and the best way to sell them. To do this, they evaluate the company’s marketing campaigns, market trends and buying trends. From there, they report the information gathered to the marketing team and create a marketing plan.

Communications Manager

National Average Salary: $63,583 per year

Role and Responsibilities: As the title suggests, Communications Managers promote a company’s mission, services and/or products to the public. They often do this by serving as a company’s spokesperson, developing strategies for social media, creating newsletters and identifying as well as publishing press releases.

Marketing Manager

National Average Salary: $66,598 per year

Role and Responsibilities: Unlike some of the other marketing professions, Marketing Managers are generalists in this field that are often responsible for motivating and leading a team of marketing specialists. Because of this, Marketing Managers must maintain a comprehensive understanding of a company’s different marketing initiatives. They develop and deploy marketing strategies, such as overseeing a marketing team, timelines, budgets, market research and competitive analysis, in order to help an organization reach its goals.

Product Manager

National Average Salary: $106,766 per year

Role and Responsibilities: Product Managers oversee the entire process of product development from start to finish. They facilitate the brainstorming of new ideas as well as the process of transforming those ideas into products. Additionally, Product Managers ensure that a product is developed within budget and on schedule. Ultimately, their goal is to help a company create new products and make their existing products more profitable.

Brand Manager

National Average Salary: $136,073 per year

Role and Responsibilities: The primary responsibility of a Brand Manager is to develop and maintain an organization’s identity by making sure that all marketing materials positively represent the company’s brand. To serve this end, Brand Managers develop, update and enforce brand guidelines to ensure that all creative work aligns with the overall aesthetic of the organization.

Popular skills and qualifications to list on a resume for marketing jobs

While every job is different, here is a list of popular skills and qualifications you can list on your resume when applying for marketing jobs:

Strong interpersonal and communication skills

In order to work effectively with clients and be able to understand their needs and challenges, marketing professionals must possess strong communication and interpersonal skills. These abilities are also beneficial when negotiating client contracts or when leading a creative team or marketing department. It’s important to list these skills on your resume to demonstrate that you are able to satisfy all aspects of the position you are applying for.

Research and analytical skills

Effective marketing strategies are dependent on the research and data that is gathered. In order to be successful as a marketing professional, you must be able to gather and analyze relevant market research in order to gain insight into the needs of the consumers as well as the trends associated with the market. By showcasing your research and analysis abilities on your resume, you will show employers that you are aware of their importance when fulfilling your duties.

Relevant certifications

Aside from a relevant educational background and experience, certifications are a great way to further your career and demonstrate that you remain current on the field’s latest trends and best practices. Market Research Analysts should consider earning the Professional Researcher Certification from the Marketing Research Association. Public Relations specialists, on the other hand, could benefit from earning a professional certification from the Public Relations Society of America.

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