Career Development

Personal Branding Tips to Get Noticed

The advent of social media, blogs and other personal websites has compromised our privacy as individuals, but the shift to a more digital world has also introduced the opportunity for people to brand themselves. If you are actively searching for a job, it is important to improve your personal brand and make yourself more recognizable as a potential employee. Here are five tips that will help you get started.

Always Use the Same Name

If you use your nickname on some social media profiles, employers may not be able to associate these profiles with your professional name. Consistency is of the utmost importance when you are building a personal brand online. While it is not necessary for you to use your full name on each website, the name that you choose to use online should be the one that you stick with across all websites.

Claim Your Name

To ensure that you are able to use the same name across all platforms, claim your name on social media websites including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+. Even if you are not ready to start posting, claiming a profile under your name will lay the groundwork for establishing your personal brand.

Post Daily

When you are working to build a personal brand, it is important for you to post at least once each day on all active social media profiles. This will help you interact with other people, gain friends and followers and stay visible in the online arena.

Determine What You Are Offering

Do you have a specific skill or a lot of knowledge about a particular topic? When you are building your personal brand, it is essential for you to focus your efforts on one area. If you are skilled in your field, your knowledge about a certain niche in your field may be your focus. Your social media updates and blog posts can center on this topic, and it will become more likely that employers searching your name will associate it with the industry after seeing the results.

Monitor Your Online Reputation

There are websites that will use an algorithm to give you a reputation score related to your online presence. Signing up for these websites will allow you to see where you need to make improvements to ensure that you are building a strong personal brand. Evaluating your score at least once a week gives you the opportunity to take steps to improve your personal brand.