Career Development

How to Get Promoted

A promotion is desirable for most employees since it can involve an increase in pay, responsibility and decision-making power as a sign of esteem from an employer. Some companies offer a promotion after extended years of service, but in many cases, a promotion must be earned with top-notch work performance. This article shares some advice about how to prove that you deserve a promotion and the steps you can take at work to get promoted.

How to prove you deserve a promotion

 Here are some steps you can take to prove that you’re ready for a promotion: 

1. First, show a positive attitude

Most employees who get promoted can handle stress in an efficient way. You can show your manager that you have the ability to work under pressure and strict deadlines, without complaining. This kind of behavior has many benefits. First, it usually keeps the team’s morale high. Secondly, it may motivate other employees to give their best as well. Lastly, getting overly stressed over a deadline or a new project can use your energy, and preventing you from doing excellent quality work. 

Example: Your manager assigned you a big project to complete in a week. You know that this means you’ll have to work overtime in the coming days. Instead of complaining to your coworkers at the coffee machine, show them that you’re proud since the manager chose you to complete such an important project.

2. Then, motivate other team members to improve their performance

Instead of offending your coworkers by trying to show that you can do a better job, motivate them to give their best. Most teams work more efficiently if all the members put in extra effort to make sure all the goals or deadlines are met without sacrificing quality. Employees who achieve a big promotion usually show a leadership attitude by motivating and offering guidance to their team.

Example: Recently, you noticed that two of your coworkers are showing up late at work and always missing their deadlines. Now, you need to work on a project with both of them. While it may be tempting to take advantage of the situation, showing your manager that you’re the only one who deserves a promotion, try to motivate your coworkers. This way, your manager will see that you have good leadership qualities among your peers.

3. Next, stay away from office gossip

Office gossip may create a negative attitude in the workplace, causing a decrease of the team’s performance. For this reason, most managers value employees who refuse to spread rumors about the other members of the team. In addition, workers who stay away from office gossip are more likely to stay open-minded and make decisions without being influenced by negativity. 

Example: You’re at the coffee machine with a few coworkers, and they start chatting about how another member of your team missed a very important deadline. Try to change the topic of the conversation or, if you really can’t have them stop gossiping, walk away. 

4. Last, demonstrate a problem-solving mindset

Some managers choose to promote employees who have critical skills and a problem-solving attitude. These employees are happy to assist when a member of the team needs help or by creating a solution on their own. The next time you bring up a problem to your manager, suggest a productive and realistic solution as well. 

Example: A client needs your team to complete a project, and you’re not sure the team can meet the strict deadline. Before your next meeting, brainstorm ideas about how the team can solve the problem. Maybe it is possible to borrow some team members from another department, or you and other coworkers can work overtime this week. 

Tips for getting promoted at work

Here are some things you can do to achieve the promotion you desire: 

Make sure your boss knows you want the promotion

Let management know that you’d like to get more work and responsibilities. If you desire a promotion in another area of the company, you can try volunteering to help other departments. Otherwise, just talk to your supervisor about your wish to contribute more to the success of the company. Before going to the meeting, take note of your past accomplishments, making sure to quantify the results you achieved. 

Build a professional network 

Many employees who get promoted have a mentor, someone with a higher role who knows about their accomplishments and helps spreading the good word about them. It could be your supervisor, or someone else with whom you’ve had the chance to talk about the success of your projects. There are many ways to meet a mentor, like corporate parties, industry events or formal mentoring programs. 

Keep expanding your knowledge and learning new skills

Employees who want to get a promotion at work should gain knowledge and skills related to the higher role they would like to achieve. They can attend industry events and conferences, take courses in their spare time or read industry-related publications. Most organizations appreciate employees who are willing to grow personally and professionally, and this is one of the most important factors they consider when deciding to give a promotion.