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Employee Evaluation Examples

Employers and owners of businesses want growth, development and profit in their businesses. The central factors that will be responsible for these positive changes are the employees of the company. This article shares examples of comments given in employee evaluations for different categories of performance.

Employee evaluation comment and category examples

Over the years, in order to appraise or review the performances of their employees on the job, employers have used the employee evaluation review process. 

As an employee, you might see any of the following employee evaluation categories:

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The following are examples of performance evaluation phrases:

  • Excels at creating methods that give results
  • Exceeds all expectations in job role as a server
  • Works dedicatedly under pressure even when working with other members of a team
  • Performs optimally at allocated tasks with deadlines
  • Excels at improving the results of tasks on a consistent basis
  • Advised to always take the initiative even when not prompted to act out an instruction
  • Encouraged to learn how to handle difficult situations 
  • Advised to become more creative in the process of completing job tasks
  • Performance needs to improve so that results can improve

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The following are examples of attitude evaluation phrases:

  • Does not allow tough circumstances to affect performance
  • Adapts easily and quickly to rapid change in the workplace
  • Carries a strong attitude of work into the workplace which rubs off on other employees positively
  • Always ready to take instructions and to carry them out accordingly
  • Gives more than is required in the workplace
  • Negative attitude in the workplace is rubbing off on other employees creating difficult situations in the workplace
  • Attitude towards superiors, supervisors and managers need to improve
  • Must learn how to demonstrate the right attitude when working in a project team
  • Advised to learn how to contribute effectively during meetings and training programs 


The following are examples of administration evaluation phrases:

  • Constantly carries out instructions from supervisors to measure administrative efficiency in their department
  • Always looks for better processes to have exceptional results in assigned administrative task 
  • Works in a team to develop successful administrative methods that give exceptional results
  • Keeps the company documents organized to avoid information duplication
  • Advised to contribute more meaningfully to the administrative process in their department
  • Can perform better in assigned administrative tasks
  • Must learn to become more creative with the procedure of record-keeping in the department


The following are examples of evaluation phrases to review communication skills of employees:  

  • Communicates ideas and expectations effectively during meetings and training programs
  • Excels in sharing creative ideas during group discussions
  • Communicates effectively during workers’ meetings
  • Displays maximum respect and regards for communicated company policies and instructions
  • Communicates professionalism with the way assigned job duties are executed
  • Advised to be more active and to contribute ideas and suggestions during meetings and training programs
  • Advised to encourage other employees by communicating confidence and inspiration
  • Must learn to have maximum respect and regard for communicated policies and rules of the company

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The following are examples of evaluation phrases to review how cooperative employees are in the workplace:

  • Collaborates effectively with team members to achieve projects
  • Cooperates with colleagues by sharing ideas and techniques to accomplish projects
  • Builds good relationships with other members of staff by being polite and caring
  • Displays consistently a cooperative spirit by contributing more than is necessary to projects
  • Always ready to share expertise and experience to get projects completed
  • Has recorded an exceptional success rate with projects executed in a project team
  • Exceptional working relationship with the supervisors and managers
  • Cooperates with other employees to handle tough situations when they arise in the workplace
  • Must learn to cooperate effectively in project teams contributing adequately to the success of projects
  • Cooperation with superiors, supervisors and managers can further improve 


The following are examples of evaluation phrases to review how creative employees are in the workplace: 

  • Ready to apply creative alternatives to drive results in the workplace
  • Always demonstrates cleverness when confronted with obstacles
  • Regularly experiments to drive results
  • Starts and executes job tasks professionally
  • Develops creative marketing ideas with other members of the marketing team  
  • Regularly carries out useful research for new ideas and approaches
  • Advised to contribute creative ideas in the workplace
  • Advised to contribute more meaningfully during tough situations in the workplace
  • Can be more creative when carrying out job tasks


The following are examples of evaluation phrases to review how employees are ready to improve different aspects of their jobs:

  • Regularly creates continuous improvement methods
  • Always develops completely new strategies to carry out job tasks
  • Always ready to grow and improve on the job
  • Regularly creates improved means of getting results
  • Must learn to improve the rate of executing projects
  • Advised to improve work relationship with colleagues
  • Encouraged to improve work relationship with the superiors, supervisors and managers of the company


The following are examples of evaluation phrases to review how innovative employees are in the workplace:

  • Develops innovative methods to simplify the work process and to achieve results
  • Puts up innovative ideas when under adverse conditions
  • Always ready to seek innovative solutions
  • Regularly embraces innovative solutions from colleagues
  • Promotes innovation by using an entirely new strategy to get certain tasks completed
  • Must learn to be innovative during tough conditions in the workplace
  • Advised to use creative ideas even when supervisors have not given any instructions

Interpersonal skills

The following are examples of evaluation phrases to review the interpersonal skills of employees:

  • Lends a helping hand to colleagues who need assistance
  • Has an effective working relationship with colleagues
  • Embraces mutual understanding and dependence
  • Always promoting the culture of the company among colleagues
  • Can improve in the areas of working relationship with other employees
  • Advised to relate more effectively and professionally with customers of the company

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Learning ability

The following are examples of evaluation phrases to review how employees are likely to learn in the workplace:

  • Has a good ability to learn very quickly
  • Possesses the ability to adapt quickly to changing situations
  • Always ready to share a learning experience with fellow employees
  • Helps to promote a learning culture in the company
  • Extremely committed to continuous learning
  • Encouraged to possess good response rate to new instructions, process and situations
  • Must improve in the areas of obeying and executing new instructions