5 Simple Tips When Building a Resume

The purpose of creating a resume is to acquire a job and begin working within the workforce right away. While writing a resume may seem simple at first, there are a few tips that can separate a resume from the sea of applicants and result in quick employment.

1. Understand the Position and Tailor the Resume

One trap that many applicants fall into is the belief that one resume will fit all available jobs. This is not true…it is important to understand the position you are applying for and tailor your resume accordingly. Always look over a job posting and use the similar or the same words as the job description to highlight what has been accomplished in previous job situations. Applicants may be skilled in many areas but if the skills do not apply to the posted job, then they are unnecessary and do not need to be placed on a resume. By tailoring a resume to highlight specific skills that are relevant to the job, and using similar words as the job description, applicants stand a much higher chance of being hired.

2. Create an Objective Statement

Following along the same lines of the first tip, the creation of an objective statement requires a deep knowledge of the job that is being applied for. An objective statement summarizes your goals in being employed with a company and briefly discusses the skill sets that qualify you for long term employment. Also like the first tip, use similar wording as is used in the job posting to highlight to employers that the applicant is on the same page and to showcase that the applicant fits exactly what they are looking for.

3 . Support Skill Sets with Problem Solving Examples

A solid wall styled list of skill sets can seem overwhelming and does not exactly highlight the positive qualities and strengths of a job applicant. Through the use of positive situation examples, an applicant can showcase their skills as well as their problem solving qualities. Keep the examples short and simple but also be sure that applicants are using real-life and valid examples of experience.

4. Think Accomplishments over Job Duties

Much like a solid wall list of skill sets, a long list of job duties is a turn off for employers. Instead of listing job duties, list 2 to 3 accomplishments that were done while working for a previous employer. Each accomplishment should reinforce the applicant’s skill sets as well as set them apart as go-getters and leaders amongst other employees.

5. Proofread, Proofread, Proofread

Although there are many more tips for writing resumes,  the last in this list of five, is to proofread. Errors on a resume can be very detrimental to an applicant looking for a job. Read over a resume up to 8 times to ensure there are no typos, spelling mistakes or misinformation.

Lannette Price

Lannette Price is a senior consultant at where she helps users build and edit their resumes online. Lannette enjoys helping job seekers perfect their resumes and find their dream job.

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