• Current Title: hvac mechanic/installer
  • Job Field: hvac install commercial/new construction/residential
  • Years of Experience: 7-11 Years
  • I am interested In: Full time
  • Willing to Relocate: No
  • Highest Education: Some College
  • Current Career Level: Intermediate

Todd Scott Gwinn

31109 Harbor Vista Circle



My most recent background is 2nd class sheet metal mechanic with British Areonautical Engineering, where I worked as a civilian for the Department of Defense, building and repairing navy vessels. All under government contracts. I also was in the residential hvac field as a service tech and progressed to head installer at Superior Service in St. Augustine. Once I developed my install technique, I pursed commercial work at Quality Sheetmetal in Jax. After a extensive range of knowledge I aquired through hands on training, I was awarded with the title job foreman. With further experience, I was able to aquire communication skills that are a must in any industry. Now having 8 yrs of experience, I am looking for the stable, sound work enviroment of the hvac community.



In applying for this position I hope to further develop my install skills by experiencing new environments and new challenges at this position. By this opportunity I hope to bring a safe and productive employee to your company, for expansion and development.


Employment History

October 2010- February 2011:                                                                                                      Bae, Jacksonville, Florida, United States                                                                                      Number one goal on daily basis is safety first. As a second class mechanic, my duties were removal, install, and fabrication of new material or existing. Working with and helping others to complete tasks as safe and as timely as possible.

April 2007– February 2010: job foreman
Quality Sheetmetal, Jacksonville, Florida, United States
All coordination with G.C., other trades, and fellow employees, for a timely safe matter of job completion. Install all material in safe and timely manner to meet specs of job requirements. Experience walk through with inspectors, general foreman's, and business owners. Operated heavy equipment such as lull's and front end loaders to place material on site.

January 2006– April 2007: installer
Cool Climate, Jacksonville, Florida, United States
Coordinate the installment of all material with my field supervisor, G.C., and other trades on job site. Maintain safety and thoroughness throughout extended time period for job completion. Operated sissor lifts and front end loaders and lull's to install material.

March 2003– January 2006: service tech/installer
Superior Service, Saint Augustine, Florida, United States
Run Service calls as requested by homeowners, diagnose repair, or replace as required. Ruff in new construction homes in safe and timely manner.


Interpersonal Skills

Over the course of my career, I have gained important skills in effective communication and safety. In particular, during the 4 years I worked for Quality Sheetmetal, I learned highly effective team building and coordination skills. I believe my experience gives me a valuable understanding of work place dynamics and relationships that will contribute to my ability to excel in the present position, working with a wide variety of co-workers and superiors.

Reference's for Todd S. Gwinn

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Frank Sauchuck                                                                                                                                 Aspen Corporation                                                                                                                             304-222-1141

Cheryl Dziurzynsky                                                                                                                             904-377-6986