Stanley Nwoji




My name is Dr. Stanley C Nwoji. I have a B.Sc in Biochemistry/Pharmacology, a Post Graduate Diploma in Business with specialization in Management, an MBA in Management, and a PhD in intercultural studies. I have been the President/Founder for a non-profit which serves in 4 continents of the earth. I am presently a Professor of Business in the School of Professional Studies at Trinity Washington University. Courses I have taught at the graduate level include: Quantitative Methods for Managerial Decision Making; Introduction to Research; Excellence in Leadership: Theories and Practice; Excellence in Managing Contemporary Organizations; Capstone Project; MBA Gateway; Group Dynamics and Team Building; Diagnosis for Organizational Change; Organizational Intervention and Change Implementation, etc. I have mentored research students who used different research designs including quantitative, qualitative and mixed method designs. I have extensive knowledge of solving complex problems using quantitative, qualitative and mixed method approaches.



My objectives include the following:
1. Instruct students to become competent in various areas of business, business research, leadership and organizational change.
2. Use different research designs to solve complex societal problems as a scholar-practitioner.
3. To design models (mathematical and qualitative) through which organizations (profit and non-profit) could adapt to change, gain larger market share in their industry, and fulfill their vision in a way that is socially responsible.


Employment History

August 2007– present: Assistant Professor of Business
Trinity Washington University, Washington DC, DC, United States
My Job as Assistant Professor of Business include the following:
1. Instruct students on the courses assigned to me
2. Serve as Academic Adviser to the students assigned to me.
3. Mentor research students at the graduate level.
4. Present papers to the University as assigned to me.
5. Design Curriculum for different degree programs; and syllabus for different courses.
6. Serve in committees as the University sees fit. Presently, I am a member of the Professional Development Committee.
7. Do research that would help the School of Professional Studies operate optimally.

August 1990– present: President/Founder
Millions For Christ Missions, Elkton, Maryland, United States
As the President of the Millions For Christ Missions, I do the following:
1. Oversee the operations of the mission in the 4 continents of the earth where we are found.
2. Oversee the projects of the mission in the 4 continents of the earth where we are found.
3. Plan strategies to transform unreached nations
4. Plan training strategies for the mission
5. Mobilize needed resources for the mission (human, financial, technological, informational, etc).



December 2009 Asbury Theological Seminary, Wilmore, United States, KY
qualification Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), status Graduated, grade
Intercultral Studies and Leadership

August 2000 University of Nigeria , Enugu Campus, Nigeria, Enugu State.
qualification Masters of Business Administration (MBA), status Graduated, grade
MBA (Management)

August 1999 University of Nigeria, Enugu Campus, Nigeria, Enugu State
qualification Post Graduate Diploma in Business, status Graduated, grade
PGD (Management)

August 1985 University of Nigeria, Nsukka, Nigeria, Enugu Campus
qualification Bachelors of Science , status Graduated, grade
BSc(Hons) Biochemistry/Pharmacology



August 2004 – Mission Certificate,New Haven, United States, Connecticut
organization Overseas Ministries Study Center, award


Interpersonal Skills

I have leadership, managerial, and collaborative skills. Whether it is in the classroom or as a leader of a non-profit, I have been able to aid people to reach their highest potentials. My team-building and management skills have helped mentor people who have transformed different nations of the world. I bring an international and global perspective to the classroom and to the workplace, and communities I have been privileged to transform. I have been fortunate to work with and teach diverse people. In the classroom, I use different media to instruct students: the MS-office packages, video, movies, face-to-face interactions, and discussions. I am an expert in using most online student management systems: Moodle, Blackboard, IQ-Web, Self-Service, PowerCampus, and many others. I encourage the scholar-practitioner pedagogy. I learn a lot from my students, and communities as I instruct them.


Professional Skills

MS-Office Softwares – Expert

Research – Expert

Quantitative (Statistical) Analysis – Expert

Leadership and Management – Expert

Accounting and Financial Skills – Advanced



Reading, researching, and teaching.