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Truck Driver Template


Licensed Truck Driver with an excellent driving record and clear commitment to customer service; Excels at planning efficient driving routes to achieve tight delivery timeframes, meet customer  expectations, and achieve delivery service benchmarks; Licensure: CDL with Class A, T & H Endorsements (Expires 2020); Certified Forklift Operator (2014). Safe Driving Award (2014).

Clearwater University, Truck Driving School,
Certificate of Completion
Graduated - June 2011
Employment History
Edgewater Inc.
Truck Driver  July 2015- Present 2018
  • Verifies the load contents and inventory against shipping manifests and utilizes computer scanners in order to facilitate accurate shipping of $3.2 million in commercial goods each month
  • Loads and unloads pallets of goods using a forklift and inspects vehicle supplies and equipment in order to ensure that warehouse trucks are in good working condition
  • Communicates effectively with maintenance personnel regarding truck status, weather conditions, or equipment issues in order to maintain efficient operations
  • Gained reputation for assisting other new drivers with correctly loading and strapping pallets into trucks for transport
Western, Ltd
Commercial Truck Driver  September 2013 - June 2015
  • Transported $2 million worth of commercial freight each quarter based on customer contract agreements with zero reports of damaged or lost goods
  • Carefully coordinated deliveries based on customer schedules and adjusted logistics or routes to accommodate peak delivery times resulting in a 100% customer retention rate
  • Prepared and reviewed delivery and pick-up documentation and manifests in compliance with DOT and company regulations
  • Consistently completed and documented daily truck inspections using company checklist and submitted accurate post-delivery reports to ensure accurate recordkeeping and maintenance planning
Western, Ltd,
Long Haul Truck Driver  July 2011 - September 2013
  • Transported commercial freight across the U.S. while focusing on timely delivery and assisted with carefully loading and unloading goods to promote high-quality customer service and loyalty
  • Consistently achieved efficient, cost-effective transportation of goods or hazardous materials in compliance with safety and transportation regulations
  • Gained extensive knowledge of specialized transportation equipment such as tankers and pneumatic bulkers
  • Performed preventative maintenance and equipment checks and maintained an exemplary safety and driving record
  • Approached each day with a positive, professional attitude and focused on driving safety resulting in an unblemished record with zero preventable accidents
Professional Skills
Alertness & Attention to Detail:Expert
Time Management:Expert
Excellent Driving Skills:Expert
DOT Regulatory & Safety Compliance:Expert
Automotive Maintenance:Advanced
Ability to Work Independently:Expert
Customer Service:Expert
Mr. Johnnie McKinley
Direct Supervisor
(222) 456-7890
Western, Ltd.