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Team Leader Template


Hard-working and adaptable Team Leader with 8 years of experience skilled in business practices with top-notch mentoring skills. Excellent written and verbal communication techniques, effective time management development implemented in office raising morale 40%. Devoted work ethic and leadership to influence team building. Resourceful in cutting company costs and helping to boost customer satisfaction survey scores. Continuously adding to education and skills by attending seminars and conferences. Awarded Mentor of the Year from the YMCA for years of community service. Team Leadership Certification.

Westwood University,
Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration
Graduated - May 2010
Employment History
Western LT
Team Leader  June 2015- Present 2018
  • Organize team meetings and coordinate with departments of corporation to help with communication, team building and morale
  • Document and implement changes to policies and ensure corporate privacy by keeping policy notebooks up to date and relevant
  • Mentor and motivate team to continue education and career development by offering classes and programs free of charge to employees
  • Responsible for assisting with budget development and monthly reports for department
  • Maximized department efficiency by streamlining documentation procedures to ensure completion of paperwork to meet quarterly deadlines
  • Trained and oriented new department employees and followed them throughout their trial period with the company to ensure success in their new role
  • Managed inventory, maintained electronic records and -prepared efficiency reports to monitor daily production and customer serive
Northern, Inc.
Team Leader  June 2010 - June 2015
  • Performed assessments to meet compliance regulations by analyzing reports and communicating with business customers and client companies
  • Prepared and distributed monthly reports to various department for analysis of revenue and monitoring of budget limits
  • Communicate with clients and companies to ensure proper billing practice and correct any discrepancies
  • Reduced error in billing by keeping staff educated and offering certification to employees
  • Assist with weekly team meetings to listen to and discuss staff ideas and concerns, educate staff about changes and build morale
  • Developed additional training for team members to keep everyone up-to-date 
  • Generate new business from past leads, networking and good customer service
Hobbies & Interests
  • National Business Management Society
  • Member of Alpha Beta Gamma, Business Honor Society
  • Red Cross Donor and volunteer
  • Volunteer monthly at local YMCA to work with children’s groups
  • Pianist and vocalist for over 25 years
Professional Skills
Recruiting, Staffing and Training expertise:Expert
Efficient Multi-tasker:Expert
Excellent written and communication skills:Expert
Critical thinking:Expert
Associate Mentoring:Expert