Should classroom sizes be listed in the resume?

Yes, class sizes are a helpful statistic for employer hiring decisions. Other numbers that can be included are the number of years of teaching experience and grade point improvements you helped achieve.

How should awards and/or certifications be shown?

Teaching licenses can be shown either under the Education or Certifications section (if it is separate from the Education section) while non-degree certifications should be placed in a different section. Awards belong in their own section at the bottom of the resume.

What soft skills should be listed?

Classroom management, communication, patience, writing, interacting with parents, and time management are vital skillsets to be highlighted in teaching resumes.

What tone should be employed in the resume?

Teaching largely involves working with adolescent to teenage children i.e. people who are in the early to late stages of their development into adults. Therefore, a nurturing, motivating tone that emphasizes authenticity and integrity is best for such resumes.

How long should a teaching resume be?

The rule of thumb is to keep it to no longer than two pages. Although it may be tempting to list every teaching experience, in general, recruiters prefer shorter and focused resumes. Instead, the summary section can be used to highlight the number of years of experience in teaching, tutoring or other such capacities.

Should a teacher's subject specialties be included?

If you have spent the majority of your career teaching 1-2 subjects, then it could be worth having an extra Specialties section that lists out all individual subject proficiencies.
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Goal-driven professional educator offering 5+ years of experience working with special needs, learning-different and general population students. Skilled at evaluating student abilities with academic goals to tailor lesson plans and programs accordingly. Flair for establishing rapport with students to engender trust and promote physical, social and emotional growth.

Employment History
Mountainview Elementary School
Elementary School Teacher   September 2016 - Present
  • Provided high-quality instructional teaching to classes of 25-30 students aged 4-6
  • Developed curriculum from the ground-up while complying with guidance from State Ministry
  • Prepared special after school programs for students needing additional help in ESL
  • Enhanced reading levels by effectively modifying lessons to accommodate all competencies
  • Used positive reinforcement to crystallize ideal behaviors and mediate conflict calm
Jane Justin School
Special Needs Educator   September 2014 - July 2016
  • Led one-on-one remedial sessions for children with special needs and/or learning disabilities
  • Emphasized social learning by promoting values such as collaboration and teamwork
  • Adapted teaching materials and styles to the needs of individual students to accelerate growth
  • Achieved an average of 15% improvement in student test scores over the course of a year
  • Formulated activities to meet each student's individual needs and abilities
University of Texas at Austin
Bachelor of Arts, History
GraduatedJuly 2014

State of Texas Teaching License

Professional Skills
Individualized Education Plans Advanced
Creative Lesson Planning Advanced
Curriculum Development Advanced
Student Motivation Advanced
Parent-Teacher Relations Expert
Parent-Teacher Relations Expert
Assessment Tools Expert
Special Needs Education Advanced
Writing Practice Advanced

Communicating with Children / Dr. Sara Silverstein

Special Needs Education/ Dr. Sara Silverstein

Curriculum Development and Planning / Dr. Sara Silverstein