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Store Manager Template


Conscientious Store Manager with +5 years of experience in directing store operations, leading top-performing sales teams, and providing enjoyable shopping experience to customers. Proven team leader with track record in developing and implementing effective strategies to grow customer base, surpass revenue goals, and exceed sales objectives. Certified Professional Sales Person (CPSP).

Mount Agnes University,
Bachelor of Business Administration
Graduated - October 2012
Employment History
Edgewater, Inc.
Store Manager  January 2013- Present 2018
  • Supervise and coach 12 sales associates on upselling, cross-selling, and persuasion techniques, increasing average monthly sales by +20% year over year
  • Expand store reach by identifying local trends, studying consumers behavior, and analyzing sales data, generating repeat business
  • Ensured VIP treatment for every shopper, improving overall customer satisfaction score on major store review websites by up to 25%
  • Recognized as top-performer, winning “Store Manager of the Year” award for 2 consecutive years while constantly placing in top 5% of store manager company-wide
  • Forge good relationships with customers by tactfully solving complaints, responding to feedback, and ensuring sublime shopping experience
Western, Ltd.
Assistant Store Manager  November 2012 - December 2013
  • Drove 15% increase in sales within 3-month period by introducing attractive offers, displaying products strategically, and promoting store in local events and businesses
  • Championed revamp of store website and social media accounts, leading to 30% increase in traffic and acquiring +5000 new fans on Facebook page within 6 months
  • Collaborated with store manager to realize store goals, enhance customer experience, and motivate and empower employees
Hobbies & Interests
  • Market Trends
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Psychology
Professional Skills
Inventory Management:Expert
Budgeting and Finances:Advanced
Customer Service:Expert
Customer Experience:Expert
Branding and Merchandising:Advanced
Team Leadership and Empowerment:Expert