Effective verbal communication and interpersonal skills
    Excellent presentation skills
    Experience in conflict resolution and problem-solving
    Skilled in creating merchandise displays based on current trends
    Experience in multidisciplinary collaborative teamwork
    Proficient in multitasking
    Capable of handling financial transactions
    Knowledge of current marketing software programs
    Skilled in conducting customer research and competitor analysis
    Knowledge of sales methodology and keeping inventory
    Skilled in up-selling techniques and creating effective promotional strategies
    Capable of training junior coworkers
    Skilled in analyzing sales data
Sales Associate / Thomas Moser Cabinet Makers Inc

Assists with planning and implementing marketing plans
Creates promotional strategies to appeal to a broad customer base
Participates in client meetings to discuss sales strategies
Presents proposals and advertisement ideas
Develops customer database through email, direct mail, networking, referrals and cold calling
Creates innovative visual displays for product sales
Conducts product demonstrations to attract customers
Assists customers with product selection
Handles financial transactions
Sales Associate / Dunn Edwards

Received positive customer feedback for providing polite, friendly customer service
Handled and resolved complaints without escalating issues
Exceeded sales quotas with up-selling skills
Operated point of sales systems with good results
Ensured strategic product placements to achieve maximum sales
Checked, organized and replenished inventory
Responded informatively to customer inquiries about products
Helped unload merchandise and label products
Bachelor's Degree in Business Management / University of Comoro
Graduated -
    English - Conversational
    Spanish - Conversational