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Restaurant Manager Template


Enthusiastic Restaurant Manager consistently successful at focusing operations and driving increased traffic and revenue; Maintains high service standards and guides delivery of exceptional dining experiences; Builds brand recognition through creative promotions and staff incentives; Supports operational excellence through insightful management and exemplifies impeccable service delivery; Employee of the Month (Apr ’10 & Feb ’11)

Clearwater University,
Associate of Applied Science, Hospitality Management
Graduated - May 2009
Employment History
Restaurant Manage
Restaurant Manager  August 2012- Present 2018
  • Handles multiple responsibilities simultaneously including hiring new employees, balancing food costs, completing administrative tasks, and ordering supplies
  • Creates the weekly schedule, ensuring all the shifts are covered and approves requests leave while organizing staffing for busy or slow shifts resulting in reduced labor costs
  • Utilizes exceptional interpersonal and administrative skills to address and resolve guest complaints or issues in a professional and positive manner resulting in a 5-star Restaurant Finder rating
  • Trains staff in providing exceptional customer service and monitors restaurant supply inventory to ensure adequate bar and table service stock
  • Participates collaboratively to update cocktail and dinner menus to drive customer engagement and interest well as preparing for large events, and corporate or private functions
  • Executes advertising and marketing campaigns including placing print ads, updating social media channels (Facebook and Twitter), and creating restaurant promotional events (happy hour specials and two-for-one deals) that have increased weeknight revenue by 36% over 18 months
Western, Ltd.
Restaurant Assistant Manager  August 2009 - July 2012
  • Elevated guest feedback metrics by providing exceptional customer service with a positive attitude and was named Employee of the Month twice in 12 month period
  • Managed and trained restaurant wait and service staff to provide efficient and attentive service while upselling appetizers and desserts to increase average guest check by 20%
  • Assisted General Manager with monitoring inventory, submitting supply orders, and other logistical responsibilities that reduced food waste of 10% and improved operational efficiency
  • Supervised operation of establishment, ensured compliance with food safety regulations, and effectively addressed customer needs to ensure satisfaction
Waiter (Part-Time
Waiter (Part-Time)  March 2007 - July 2009
  • Recruited to work in high-end restaurant based on ability to build customer rapport, provide excellent customer service, and diligent work ethic
  • Focused on excellence in the provision of table service as well as bar and kitchen services
  • Promoted growth of Western’s “Premium Patron” program and supported customer loyalty by providing the highest-quality customer experience and interaction
Professional Skills
Customer Service:Expert
Customer Service:Expert
Resourceful Problem Solving:Expert
Fast-Paced Decision Making:Expert
Record Keeping & Regulatory Compliance:Expert
Employee Relations:Expert
Inventory Control:Expert