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Physician Assistant Template


Physician Assistant with proven track record of providing top-quality patient care in emergent and crisis situations; Develops comprehensive treatment plans stabilize and restore patients to wellness; Team player driven to provide the highest-quality care in a collaborative environment; Board Certified Physician Assistant - State of Colorado, #123456; BLS/CPR Certified

St. Helena University,
Master of Science, Physician Assistant
Graduated - December 2011
Bachelor of Science, Nursing,
Bachelor of Science, Nursing
Graduated - May 2006
Employment History
Northern Hospital
Physician Assistant  February 2016- Present 2018
  • Delivers life-saving care and support services during medical emergencies and in critical care or trauma situations requiring surgical intervention
  • Maintains a state of constant readiness for all assignments and rapidly assesses patients to take immediate and effective action to care for 15-18 patients per shift
  • Continuously updates knowledge regarding treatment protocols, response requirements, patient safety, and quality assurance procedures in order to reduce unnecessary procedure costs by 18% and provide the most beneficial treatment for each patient
  • Committed to ethical healthcare, patient education, and empathetic communication in all interactions with patients, family members, and concerned parties
  • Analyzes test results and health data gathered during comprehensive assessments and examinations to properly diagnose and treat a broad range of illnesses, injuries, and other health concerns
  • Collaborates with physicians, nurses, and other medical professionals resulting in a positive, efficient, and patient-centered environment
Western Hospital
Physician Assistant  January 2012 - February 2016
  • Provided life-saving treatment for patients suffering from trauma, injury, or serious illness, seeking care in the hospital emergency room
  • Partnered with trauma surgeons to assist in surgical procedures, monitored post-surgical condition and recovery progress, and re-evaluated treatment as needed to ensure stabilization
  • Ordered and promptly reviewed diagnostic testing results or images to better evaluate patient status in an emergent treatment setting resulting in shorter emergency room wait times
  • Prescribed preoperative and postoperative care and medication including antibiotics, anti-inflammatories, and specialized diets designed to restore a patient to health
  • Increased patient confidence by educating patients and caregivers regarding patient status and treatment plan using empathetic communication and active listening resulting in improved patient satisfaction
  • Constructed techniques to evaluate and improve patient satisfaction, elevating satisfaction scores from 3 stars to 5 starts (highest possible rating)
Costa Medical Center
Registered Nurse  July 2006 - July 2009
  • Assessed patients in medical / surgical unit to provide comprehensive care for 5-7 critical patients simultaneously
  • Generated accurate documentation and reviewed physician orders and notes to correctly administer medication or treatment per provider directives resulting in fewer medication or treatment errors
  • Stabilized and monitored patients in acute, post-surgical, and emergent situations by partnering closely with physicians and other medical staff members
  • Educated patients and families regarding preventative care, disease status, and ongoing treatment
  • Supported commitment to ethical healthcare practices by maintaining patient confidentiality and compliance with all applicable HIPPA regulations and company policies and procedures
Professional Skills
Compassionate Patient Care:Expert
Comprehensive Treatment Plans:Advanced
Multidisciplinary Communication:Expert
Analytical Thinking:Expert
Accuracy & Attention to Detail:Expert
Interpersonal Communication:Expert
Team Leadership:Expert
Electronic Medical Records (EMR):Expert
Dr. Franklin Lindsey
Emergency Medicine
(222) 456-7890
Western Hospital
Mr. Alex Patel
Nursing Department Head
(222) 456-7890
Costa Medical Center