Bozeman, Montana
St. Margaret University
Bachelor of Science in Nursing
  • Strong communication
  • Critical thinking
  • Knowledge of chronic diseases
  • Knowledge of preventive care strategies
  • Diagnosing patients
  • Advising patients on medications
  • Problem-solving
Mater Dei Hospital
RN, Pediatric Oncology

Leading a team of five nurses in Pediatric Oncology
Provide care for outpatient chemotherapy administration
Provide inpatient nursing care to children suffering from cancer and blood disorders
Organize patient treatment with other healthcare members to attain optimal results
Record patients' daily routine, vital signs, medication schedule, physical condition
Responding to emergency situations during crises while following the correct procedures and remaining calm
Communicate directly with families and caregivers to explain critical issues, treatment options and procedures
Trained nurses and other caregivers on the staff for the use of a new EHR
Awarded the employee of the month recognition by fellow coworkers for my commitment, service and ability to be a team player
St. Margaret Hospital

Provided ambulatory nursing care for newborns, infants, children and adolescents including routine health exams and wellness visits
Administered treatments for illnesses, injuries and life-threatening conditions
Set appointments and maintained schedules for patients and achieved a 90% attendance of the appointments
Educated parents and caregivers to help them teach patients to adopt healthy behaviors, encouraged self-care and lifestyle changes
Created behavioral strategies for patients to promote positive change
Assisted physicians with I&D of abscesses and umbilectomies
Assisted with circumcisions
Excelled in reinforcing newborn ear moldings and newborns with ear deformities
Campaigned for a green space to promote mental health for the patients in the ward
  • Spanish - Conversational
  • French - Conversational
  • English - Conversational