Madison Sunny
Lancaster, Pennsylvania
Oncology Nurse
Norway Hospital

Deliver high-level patient care on a 40-bed oncology ward with day patients and longer-term resident patients
Develop and implement patient care plans by collaboration with management, doctors and specialists
Work with patients and families to determine possible financing options for treatments
Administer chemotherapy medications and train junior nurses with the procedures
Oncology Nurse
Turner Cancer Clinic

Provided care for up to 100 patients every day in this fast-paced regional cancer care center
Maintained radiation therapy rooms ready for use
Ensured the correct supply of medications and consumables were available at all times
Prepared patients for therapies and explained the procedure to patients and families
Responsible for monitoring patients during therapy sessions and alerting doctor when necessary
Administered medications as part of therapy program
Kept accurate records for medical team review
Transferred patients to other departments or home
Installed IV and central lines and responsible for daily maintenance of lines
General patient care and advocacy
Collected samples for analysis
  • Shows great empathy to patients and families during stressful treatments
  • Communicates well with team members and patients who could be in considerable pain
  • Hard-working and a team player who is happy to spend additional time on the ward if needed
  • Keen eye for detail to notice even the smallest change in vital signs or patient behavior
  • Physically fit nurse who can easily lift and turn patients and spend long periods standing
Master of Science in Nursing
The University of Lancaster
Bachelor of Science in Nursing
The University of Lancaster
License in Pennsylvania
State Board
  • English: Conversational