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Oncology Nurse Template


Oncology Nurse experienced in providing excellent cancer patient care; Supports parents through empathetic communication and optimistic attitude; Administers chemotherapy and other treatments with the highest degree of care and sensitivity; Collaborates with multidisciplinary care team to ensure optimal patient care; State of Washington Nursing License #123456; BLS/CPR Certified

Mount Agnes University,
Bachelor of Science, Nursing
Graduated - May 2011
Employment History
Western Hospital
Oncology Nurse  December 2016- Present 2018
  • Delivers high-quality patient care and support to 5-6 individual patients on a 30 bed ward while administering chemotherapy, infusion therapy, or clinical trial treatments
  • Changes sterile dressings, infusion ports, triple lumen catheters, and Hickman catheters to reduce risk of infection for immunosuppressed patients
  • Obtains patient history, physical exams, and laboratory or diagnostic testing results to ensure complete and accurate patient files are available
  • Educates patients and family regarding management of side effects of treatment and supportive community resources
  • Partnered with hospital cancer outreach team to create a community cancer education program, resulting in a 37% increase in early detection screenings
Costa Medical Center,
Oncology Nurse  June 2011 - November 2016
  • Calculated chemotherapy dosages and administered all drug according to protocols for 10-15 cancer patients daily
  • Assessed patients prior to chemotherapy treatments and at follow up visits including physical examinations and addressing any patient questions, concerns, or treatment side effects
  • Inserted and monitored IV's, PICC lines, implanted ports, and PICC lines and educated new patients about their individual oral or IV chemotherapy regimen side effects
  • Collaborated with multidisciplinary team to assist with treatment planning and scheduling of treatments or follow up appointments to monitor treatment effectiveness
  • Performed tracheostomy care, bone marrow and stem cell infusions, sterile dressing changes, and catheterization needed to maintain stabilization for patients at increased risk for infection
Professional Skills
Compassion & Empathy:Expert
Emotional Resilience:Expert
Patient Advocacy:Expert
Multidisciplinary Collaboration:Advanced
Attention to Detail & Observation Skills:Expert
Effective Verbal & Written Communication:Expert
Electronic Medical Records (EMR):Expert
Ms. Lindsay Harris,
Nursing Supervisor,
(222) 456-7890
Costa Medical Center