What soft skills should be listed in a nursing resume?

Nursing resumes should list a range of industry-specific technical skills and/or certifications including: communication and interpersonal skills, adaptability, flexibility, critical thinking, analytical skills, and attention to detail.

What technical and/or clinical skills should be listed in a nursing resume?

Nursing resumes should include the following hard skills: Examples of medical procedures (ideally backed by clinical experience), Key equipment and technologies that you are familiar with

Should I include only nursing jobs?

If you do not have a large degree of nursing experience, then other non-nursing jobs should be added with an emphasis on the transferable skillsets gained.

How do I explain a break I took from the industry?

Since nursing is a technical profession, if you had to leave the industry for some time, the first step back would be to catch up on all new technologies, certifications and skills that are expected of new nurses entering the industry. It is then important to highlight this on the resume to demonstrate initiative and indicate a proactive personal nature.

How can you include certifications or courses currently being completed?

If you are in the midst of pursuing a course or certification, it is still worthwhile to show it on the resume with an In Progress next to it. This is especially true if the course is a prerequisite that is mentioned in the job description.

Should temporary nursing jobs be listed?

If a nursing job was 3-4 months or less, it can and should be listed as time gaps should be avoided, but there is no need to expand upon it significantly if you have other nursing experience with longer tenures.
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Recently graduated Registered Nurse (RN) seeking to apply skills and knowledge base in a nursing role within an established hospital. Ability to handle a range of medical situations and emergencies, with a demonstrated ability to work under pressure with tight deadlines. Passionate about serving people, and possessing exceptional interpersonal skills to interact with patients and families effectively.

Key Skills
  • Care Plan Development
  • Health and Wellness Awareness
  • IV Drug Therapy Management
  • Mentorship and Training
  • Medication Administration
  • Symptom Assessment
  • Leadership
  • Critical Thinking
  • Bedside Monitoring

Registered Nurse, State of Florida, License #RN8794653

Basic Life Support Certification, 2018

First Aid CPR Certificate, 2018

Jacksonville University
Keigwin School of Nursing
Graduated - November 2019

Coursework in Pediatrics, Acute Care, Rehabilitative Care, Diabetes Management

Coursework in Pediatrics, Acute Care, Rehabilitative Care, Diabetes Management December 2018 - February 2019
Student Nurse Practicum
  • Recorded 150 hours of clinical work as part of senior practicum in Acute Care
  • Collaborated with cross-functional healthcare professionals to plan and execute treatments
  • Administered blood and intravenous transfusions while vigilantly monitoring patient reactions
  • Discussed all illnesses and best practices in a sensitive manner with patients and families
  • Recognized by staff for excellent work ethic and decision-making under pressure
Jacksonville University December 2017 - May 2018
Biology Tutor
  • Tutored students in various core biology topics to enhance their understanding of key concepts
  • Designed the weekly lesson plan and overall curriculum in conjunction with the Professor
  • Garnered widespread participation from the class in weekly tutorial sessions
  • Graded assignments, exams and quizzes and entered scores accurately in the database
  • Held office hours for students, taking the initiative to work in one-on-one sessions with them