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Nursing Aide Template


Nursing Aide experienced in providing empathic care in a long-term care facility setting; Prioritizes patient comfort through excellent communication and attention to detail; Follows all safety and HIPPA guidelines to ensure regulatory compliance; Collaborates with nursing staff by anticipating resident needs and taking initiative to proactively meet needs; CPR Certified.

Mount Agnes University,
Nursing Aide Program
Graduated - May 2013
Employment History
Western Hospital
Nursing Aide  December 2015- Present 2018
  • Assists residents of 50 room elderly care facility with completing activities of daily living as well as monitoring meal time and engaging with residents during activity events or programs
  • Established and nurtures a positive rapport with all residents, displays sensitivity to their needs, maintains awareness of their individual rights and preferences in order to provide individualized care
  • Reports any fall, incident, or apparent change in resident medical status to the Charge Nurse to ensure the highest-quality patient care
  • Administers oral medications, as directed by charge nurse to ensure patients maintain medication regimens
  • Maintains resident comfort by answering call lights, adjusting beds, lights, or patients' clothing and bedside equipment
Edgewater Hospital
Nursing Aide  August 2013 - November 2015
  • Cared for residents of 120 room long-term nursing facility by helping with activities of daily living including feeding, ambulation or transferring patients, and personal grooming
  • Strived to uphold patient dignity and minimize pain or discomfort while completing duties such as diapering, bedpan care, changing drainage bags, and bathing
  • Organized individual or group activities for cognitively impaired and isolated patients and assisted residents with physical therapy exercises or other components of individual care plans
  • Accurately and promptly documented patient files through EMR system and written documentation
  • Ensured sufficient supplies and equipment were available in order to perform patient care and adhered to facility policies and procedures in the admission, discharge or off-unit transfer of patients
  • Welcomed new patients to their rooms, explained the facility’s rules, answered questions, and provided extra care and attention to ensure they were able to adjust to a new routine
Professional Skills
Compassion & Empathy:Expert
Patient Safety:Expert
Long-Term Geriatric Care:Advanced
Regulatory Compliance:Expert
Attention to Detail & Observation Skills:Expert
Attention to Detail & Observation Skills:Expert
Ms. Lindsay Harris
Nursing Supervisor
(222) 456-7890
Edgewater Hospital