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Ashley Vandelay
Manchester, New Jersey
Associate of Arts
Graduated - Vancouver Community College
  • Strong passion for working with children
  • Communication skills
  • Certified basic nanny skills
  • Organizational skills
  • Housekeeping skills
  • Cooking skills
  • First-aid knowledge
Private Family
Full-time Family Nanny
Provide full childcare services to three children, ages three to 11
Provide preschool education for the youngest two children, ages three and five
Schedule all daily appointments for the three children, such as kindergarten, school, physician, haircuts, play dates and drive them to each respective location
Help with homework for 11-year-old, including math, science, spelling and grammar
Perform cleaning duties, such as dishes, laundry, sweeping, vacuuming and mopping
Create shopping list for parents, occasionally perform shopping
Johnson Family
Full-time Nanny

Cared for one child, from age six to age eight
Prepared and served three meals per day for the child
Provided care for five days every week, from breakfast to bedtime, including organizing activities to keep child busy all day
Took child to park, played games, organized play dates, monitored activity
Drove child to and from school, after-school functions, birthday parties, etc.
Performed cleaning duties, kept house organized
Part-time Babysitter

Hired on an occasional basis to take care of children in the immediate vicinity of my home
Organized games and play times for the children and served them pre-prepared meals
Assisted children with special needs, including feeding, bathing and dressing
Played games, read stories and monitored screen time
Cared for pets if present, including tasks such as feeding, walking and cleaning if needed
  • Spanish - Conversational
  • French - Conversational
  • Italian - Conversational
  • English - Conversational