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Labor and Delivery Nurse Template


Labor and Delivery Nurse experienced in assisting mothers and families with all stages of the birthing process; Supports parents through empathetic communication and optimistic attitude; Maintains critical thinking in fast-paced, high-stress situations; Builds parent confidence by instructing them in infant care and development; Collaborates with multidisciplinary care team to ensure high-quality patient care; State of California Nursing License #123456; BLS/CPR Certified; IBCLE Certified

Westwood University,
Bachelor of Science, Nursing
Graduated - May 2009
Employment History
Northern Hospital
Labor and Delivery Nurse  June 2014- Present 2018
  • Cares for maternity patients on a 20-bed ward using fetal and maternal monitoring equipment and assists obstetrician during exams, delivery, surgical procedures including cesarean deliveries
  • Administers prescribed medications or treatments and monitors patient response to further adjust treatment plan as needed to ensure patient safety
  • Demonstrates active listening and empathetic care by striving to manage patients’ pain through epidural and patient-controlled analgesia administration
  • Proactively monitors, records, and communicates patient condition as appropriate to ensure patient safety and stabilization resulting in a 16% drop in fetal distress alarms
  • Builds positive and trusting relationships with patients while providing education regarding labor process, pain management, and newborn care
  • Ensured infant stabilization by completing newborn assessments and hearing screenings, and acting as a lactation consultant
Edgewater Hospital
Labor and Delivery Nurse  June 2012 - May 2014
  • Cared for high-risk pre-term labor patients restricted to bed rest and worked as staff nurse to appropriately triage patient needs and allocate resources appropriately
  • Assisted in labor inductions and worked in the operating room as a scrub or circulation nurse for Cesarean deliveries or other surgical procedures
  • Observed patients to identify and assist with complications by performing diagnostic testing, administering medications, and communicating with physicians or nurse practitioners
  • Increased parent confidence by leading new parent and prenatal childbirth classes to provide information about labor, delivery, and infant care
Professional Skills
Compassion & Empathy:Expert
Pre-& Post Delivery Care:Advanced
Pain & Labor Management:Advanced
Fetal Monitoring & Neonatal Care:Advanced
Multidisciplinary Collaboration:Expert
Attention to Detail & Observation Skills:Expert
Effective Verbal & Written Communication:Expert
Ms. Lindsay Harris
Maternity Charge Nurse
(222) 456-7890
Edgewater Hospital