What do hiring managers look for in an internship resume?

Hiring managers look for several key points within an intern�s resume, including Education, GPA (only if above a 3.5), Related Experience, Soft Skills

What should you include in an internship resume?

Typically, you want to focus on education first and foremost as well as tailoring the summary towards your intentions and future goals. Additional areas you can include: Relevant Hands-on Experience - Volunteer Work, Memberships, Community Leadership

What are hard skills, and which should you include?

Hard skills are learned abilities that are gained through experience and education. Hard skills for internship resumes include: Certificates, Technology, Languages and Quantifiable Information

What are soft skills, and which should you include?

Soft skills are personality traits and behaviors and are an important part of your resume. Soft skills for internship resumes include: Communication, Collaboration, Adaptability, Critical Thinking and Initiative

What additional sections can be included to help increase the chances of landing an interview?

Typically, the best way to show you are qualified for the role is to include anything related to the position at hand on your resume. This information can include: Volunteer Experience, Community Leadership, Continuing Education Initiatives, Memberships, Education - Degrees, Certificates, GPA (only if above 3.5) and Related Coursework
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Current student enrolled in New York Universitys Bachelor of Science Program with hands-on experience gained through a student-centric, growth-oriented internship. Recognized for possessing a strong passion for continuing education initiatives and working with future technology leaders to drive personal and professional development. Adaptable computer science major eager to join an innovative organization in the capacity of software engineer.

New York University (NYU) College of Arts & Science
BACHELOR OF SCIENCE (BS) | Computer Science
GraduatedJune 2020

Courses: Computer Networking, Computer Engineering, Computer Programming, Information Security, Web Development, Software Engineering, Database Administration

GPA: 3.7

Recipient: Future Computer Science Professionals Scholarship ($5K)

Member: Technology and Innovation Committee, NYU

Intership Experience
Software Engineering Intern   July 2018 - Present
  • Works collaboratively in providing resources and processes to empower WeWork to rapidly build and operations applications and infrastructure.
  • Assists engineers with end-to-end development, enabling quality agile, continuous delivery of software.
  • Writes code utilized by hundreds of global engineers, interacting with the engineering organization and learning development from concept to production.
  • Coordinates configuring, coding, developing, and documenting specifications throughout the project lifecycle.
Volunteer and Community Leadership

Volunteer, New York Aspiring Innovators Committee, 2017-Present

Board Member/Volunteer, NYU Technology and Innovation Committee, 2018-Present