HR Manager
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Dedicated and professional Human Resources Manager, skilled in meeting productivity goals and setting up career plans. Implemented action plan strategies to meet company needs, coordinate within departments, schedule training and assess employee job performance annually. Directed all aspects of HR functions including, hiring, training and employee relations with careful recruitment of qualified candidates and multi-level interviewing. Winner of the AEA, Association Excellence Award ‘16. Top HR Manager as recognized by company in ‘17.

Employment History
HR Manager
Western LTD
  • Implemented a new pre-employment assessment program to select highly qualified individuals for interviews resulting in a 10% increase in new hires
  • Communicated with Department of Labor for recruitment and specialized job fairs
  • Oriented new employees to the company individually and in groups to familiarize them with company policies, tour building and meet staff
  • Performed administrative duties in office such as daily scheduling and PTO requests
  • Oversee corporate compliance and reporting to the executive team monthly and quarterly
  • Assist with development and changes in company healthcare and insurance benefits programs
HR Manager
Northern, Inc.
  • Created ads for open job positions on social media forums and online company website to attract interested candidates
  • Interviewed prospective candidates for qualifications and job-related experience, assisted with application process and communicated with client during hiring process if necessary
  • Performed general administrative tasks such as faxing, typing, document creation, greeting visitors and answering phones
  • Facilitate employee performances and review quarterly and annually
  • Dealt with difficult staffing duties including understaffing, firing, disciplinary procedures and refereeing disputes
Professional Skills
  • Top HR Manager as recognized by company in ‘17
  • MS Office skills, Internet and Adobe Creative Cloud Suite
  • MS Office skills, Internet and Adobe Creative Cloud Suite
Masters in Human Resource Management
Westwood University
Clearwater University
Clearwater University