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Motivated and personable Hair Stylist with 12+ years of experience styling hair, efficiently managing salon operations, and interacting with clients; Dedicated to providing high-quality services including coloring, custom cuts, and hair extensions; Excellent communicator who strives to make each experience positive resulting in client loyalty and retention; Cosmetology License #12345

Employment History
Hair Stylist
Edgewater, Inc.
  • Serves 30-45 weekly clients at a leased station and is responsible for scheduling and managing all appointments as well as completing appointment confirmations
  • Accurately orders all coloring supplies and maintains accurate transaction and financial records
  • Greets and engages with new and existing customers and utilizes product knowledge to promptly assist clients with questions or inquiries
  • Effectively addresses any client issue or complaint in a professional manner resulting in a 4-star rating on Hair Stylist Advisor website
Hair Stylist & Salon Manager
Western, Ltd.
  • Created employee work schedules, analyzed weekly and monthly revenue and appointment bookings, prepared the monthly budget, and tracked salon expenses to ensure salon stability
  • Maintained supply inventory and ordered needed products or back bar items on a weekly basis
  • Improved the company website information, managed marketing efforts, and created promotional and direct email campaigns to drive a 23% increase in business for 3 consecutive years
  • Scheduled stylist education classes and effectively trained employees to provide excellent customer service
Hair Stylist
Western, Ltd.
  • Began employment as a stylist and was promoted to a management position due to exceptional customer service and organization skills
  • Participated in management conference calls and meetings -and enabled stylists to meet sales goals and targets
  • Directly responsible for all employee scheduling, inventory management and ordering while serving as a stylist and managing client scheduling
  • Excelled at hosting product knowledge classes for product store front as well as continuing education classes for stylists resulting in a 32% increase in salon product sales over 12 months
  • Enthusiastically implemented promotions, displayed monthly store advertisements, and followed display planning guides
Professional Skills
  • Customer Service
  • Hair Color & Extension Expert
  • Men’s & Women’s Cuts
  • Current Trend Knowledge
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Appointment Scheduling
  • Salon Product Sales
  • Salon Product Sales
Cosmetology License #12345
Clearwater University