Joseph Bernadine
Houston, Texas
Bachelor of Science
Graduated - Texas A&M University
  • Proficient with TEMS investigation, Site Master, Multimeter, BSS and RBS
  • Excellent critical thinking and troubleshooting skills to solve complex issues
  • Analytical skills for troubleshooting equipment
  • Strong written and verbal communications skills
  • Interpersonal skills for working with other engineers and technicians
Ratel Telecoms Services Company
Project Engineer

Responsible for network planning and expansion of technical support for evolution of new GSM/UMTS projects for 25 counties in Texas
Lead a team engineers to carry out network modernization for 50 sites per month
Provide on-site technical and operational support in the design, development, installation and maintenance of complex electrical equipment and systems
Deploy and implement BSS transmission systems and hybrid power system to create integrated energy management systems that support the site operation
Provide high-level RF technical support for different GSM/UMTS and coordination of radio resources (TRX and Combiners) upgrades
Coordinate optimization activities and upgrade old sites to accommodate increased traffic according to the given site configuration
Install and integrate transmission nodes and commission BTS/RBS 2G and 3G sites including microwave link networks
Tindell Telecoms Service Company
Site Engineer

Performed repairs, trouble isolation and resolution, site acceptance testing, resolving alarm conditions, preventive and corrective maintenance routines, which resulted in 99% uptime
Maintained and repaired GSM faults related to base transceiver station (BTS) antenna systems in minimum time and reported it to management
Performed maintenance and testing of cellular radio base station equipment using test equipment such as TEMS Mobile, Site Master and multimeter, and replaced faulty RU as necessary
Surveyed new site of radio base station (RBS) and planned for the selection of infrastructure, equipment, antenna location and feeder routing and testing of pulse code modulation (PCM) links for new cell site
  • English - Conversational