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Eletrical Engineer Template


Electrical Engineer with proven track record of designing and completing projects on time and in alignment with client expectations and regulatory guidelines; Excels at complex problem solving and troubleshooting; Demonstrates comprehensive knowledge of engineering principles; Skilled at managing project budgets and resources; Applies analytical skill to resolve design and development issues; Proficient in MS Office Suite, MatLAB, and C/C++; Fundamentals of Engineering Exam (2009)

St. Helena University,
Bachelor of Science, Electrical Engineering
Graduated - May 2009
Employment History
Edgewater, Inc.
Electrical Engineer  October 2014- Present 2018
  • Strategically plans and coordinates electrical installation projects to maximize productivity and quality of manufacturing operations for clients with 32 plants in 14 countries
  • Monitors project costs, government regulations, potential environmental hazards, and other factors during the planning and risk-analysis stages of each electrical project
  • Submits permit applications to local, state, and federal agencies, verifying that projects comply with applicable regulations
  • Prepares accurate cost estimates for materials, equipment, or labor to determine a project's economic feasibility resulting in a 95% customer satisfaction rating
  • Utilizes MATLAB, CAD, and C++ design software to plan and design electrical systems, high voltage lighting systems, and projects in compliance with industry and government standards
  • Maintains accurate records for all technical designs and adjusts project parameters to resolve development issues or flex around supply or regulatory needs
Western, Ltd.
Electrical Engineer  June 2009 - October 2014
  • Manipulated AutoCAD and MS Project tools to performed electrical engineering design tasks including load flow analysis, voltage calculations, relay programming, diagram modeling, and utility design
  • Developed design alternatives and solutions in alignment with project requirements and cost to ensure project purpose and needs were met
  • Assisted Senior Engineers in the design and development of electrical grid plans, utility infrastructure, and project specifications and estimates
  • Interpreted electrical blueprints, correctly installed wiring into steel and PVC conduit, and installed three-phase motors
  • Coordinated project assignments with other engineers and technicians and reviewed drawings supplied by vendors, clients, and architects to recommend necessary changes
Professional Skills
Circuit Design:Expert
Circuit Design:Expert
Complex Problem Solving:Expert
Complex Problem Solving:Expert
Complex Problem Solving:Expert
Attention to Detail:Expert
Cross-Functional Collaboration:Expert
Strategic Planning:Expert
Budgeting & Cost Analysis:Expert
Programming & Coding:Advanced
Interpersonal Communication:Expert
Mr. Brad Miles
Direct Supervisor & Lead Engineer
(222) 456-7890
Western, Ltd.