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DevOps Template


DevOps Engineer with +5 years of experience in managing cloud infrastructure and system administration, integrating AWS cloud based infrastructure components, and developing automation solutions. IT Professional bringing outstanding record in maintaining optimum information access, infrastructure performance and synchronization across server platforms while ensuring clear communications with senior engineers, project managers, and executives.

Mount Agnes University,
Bachelor in Computer Engineering
Graduated - November 2012
Employment History
Edgewater, Inc.
DevOps Engineer  January 2015- Present 2018
  • Design solutions for data storage, monitoring, and deployment automation while continually enhancing DevOps tools, processes, and procedures
  • Maintain +99% up-time and quick turnaround of deployment through development and optimization of infrastructure, server, deployment strategies
  • Automate deployment of applications, system configurations, and security settings in AWS cloud based environment while implementing integrations, updates, and fixes
  • Improve customer experience by building, deploying, and scaling web services on virtual infrastructure, swiftly investigating and resolving technical issues
Western, Ltd.
DevOps Engineer  December 2012 - December 2014
  • Provided supreme server support during deployment of traffic management services and shared infrastructure, improving system reliability by 35%
  • Augmented cybersecurity through compilation of custom code in JavaScript, HTML, and CSS while ensuring compliance with regulatory standards
  • Collaborated with developers to enhance stability and scalability while prioritizing requests from operations, development and product teams
Professional Skills
System Administration:Advanced
Process Improvement:Expert
Operating Systems (Unix, Linux):Expert
Android and iOS App Development:Advanced
DevOps Enterprise (AWS ECS and Docker):Expert
Object Oriented Development (C++, Java):Advanced
Coding (Python, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, PHP):Advanced
SDA platforms and CI/CD workflows:Advanced
Hobbies & Interests
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • DevOps Technology