Barbara Duncan
Seattle, Washington
Data Analyst
Weatherby Savings and Loan
-Designed a new organizational scheme for the database that increased the efficiency of data entry and manipulation by 12 percent in terms of labor hours.-Conducted analysis of various sets of data using SQL contents/questions, culminating in an overall analysis summary that was precise and trustworthy by relevant industry standards.-Reorganized data into more easily navigable and intuitive categories that benefited not only team data analysts but also everyone who had access to the data, from data entry to upper management and financial officers.-Worked with a team of 11 other analysts to accomplish delegated tasks by effectively communicating with team members, especially when potential problems became apparent.
Data Analyst
Deacon Softworks
-Used analysis and visualization tools such as SQL, Excel and Tableau to analyze data and draw accurate and reliable conclusions to provide insights to upper management and financial team.-Analyzed reports for errors and crafted database solutions to fix the deficiencies and reduce the chances of errors arising again, decreasing overall problems within a year by 28 percent.-Used HANA design studio to build information models that offered analytical and calculation views as well as column-based tables to assist in presenting the results of data analysis to management and team.-Implemented knowledge of software development life cycle to analyze data regarding internal work efficiency and noted areas of wasted time, increasing total productivity in production by 9 percent.
  • -Programming languages including SML and JavaScript
  • -SQL databases and querying languages
  • -Data mining, cleaning and munging
  • -Data visualization and reporting techniques
  • -Database design
  • -Business intelligence and data warehousing platforms
  • -Attention to detail
  • -Written and verbal communication
  • -Analytical thinking
  • -Critical analysis
  • -Creative problem-solving
  • -Presentation and public speaking
Bachelor's degree in data analysis and statistics
Arcadia Bay University
  • English: Conversational
  • Spanish: Conversational