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Construction Template


Reliable Construction Worker with on-the-job experience in assisting carpenters, bricklayers, demolition experts, cement finishers, and roofers on residential and commercial construction sites; Efficiently organizes materials and completes prep work prior to new construction or remodeling projects; Skilled in using power tools, hand tools, and heavy machinery to complete projects in a timely manner; Certified Forklift Operator (2012)

Clearwater University,
Construction Management Certificate
Graduated - May 2012
Employment History
Edgewater Inc.
Construction Worker  July 2015- Present 2018
  • Performs a broad range of construction labor including paving, moving materials, and assisting skilled sub-contractors in completing residential, commercial, and small business constructions projects work up to $2.5 million on-time and within budget
  • Reviews construction plans and schematics in collaboration with site foreman and team leaders to accurately determine construction or renovation project scope
  • Removes, repairs, or replaces roofing material, HVAC units, plumbing lines, or electrical fixtures to keep projects moving forward
  • Supports company commitment to reducing workplace accidents, OSHA regulatory compliance, and safe workplace guidelines by mentoring new team members regarding team safety expectations and work responsibilities
  • Inspects completed work to ensure it meets plan requirements and high quality standards resulting in 28/30 projects passing initial electrical and structural inspections without requiring additional work
  • Works overtime hours when project or weather conditions require timeline adjustments in order to meet client expectations resulting in zero project timeline over-runs in the last 6 months
Western, Ltd
Construction Laborer  June 2012 - June 2015
  • Assisted construction team in demolishing structures and creating framework for new residential structures
  • Unloaded and organized construction materials in appropriate locations for efficient distribution
  • Gained experience building concrete forms and erecting scaffolding to enable sub-contractors to pour foundations, install vinyl siding and windows, or lay brickwork
  • Mixed and poured concrete and asphalt to create residential driveways, patios, and garage floors
  • Complied with safety regulations in the clean-up of spills and removed any hazardous materials correctly to ensure team safety and
  • Reduced citizen complaints about blocked traffic in construction zones by courteously directing traffic around unloading sites or construction zones
  • Learned to secure special attachments to heavy equipment and partnered with operators to signal and guide them in safely moving equipment
Western, Ltd.
Construction Worker (Part-Time)  April 2009 - June 2011
  • Efficiently removed demolition debris in preparation for remodeling and throughout construction to maintain safe working environments
  • Engaged strength and manual dexterity to dig utility trenches, backfill holes, and compact sites in preparation for new building construction
  • Took initiative to complete additional tasks and follow foreman instructions in order to meet project deadlines
Professional Skills
Strength & Stamina:Expert
Manual Dexterity:Expert
Critical Thinking:Expert
Organization & Project Management:Expert
Reading & Interpreting Building Plans:Expert
On-Site Safety & Compliance:Expert
Residential & Commercial Construction:Advanced
Mr. Johnnie McKinley,
Project Foreman
(222) 456-7890
Western, Ltd.