Learn to how to write a cashier job resume with a free cashier resume sample (PDF) and expert cashier job advice from resume writing experts.
Knowing how to write a cashier resume is crucial if you want to get hired for a cashier job.
Hiring managers and employers who want to hire cashiers want to see specific abilities and qualifications in candidate resumes.
You need to show managers that you have the cashier skills and experiences that would make you an excellent employee, even if you have no formal work experience as a cashier.
If you are on the hunt for a cashier position, this free cashier resume template PDF and writing guide will help you understand exactly what hiring managers want to see in your resume.
Keep reading to learn how to write a cashier job resume and get hired as a cashier fast!

Job Postings Suitable For Cashier Job Resume Sample

This cashier resume sample was written for job seekers applying for cashier jobs. Job seekers applying for cashier jobs may have no experience working formal jobs, or they may have many years of successful experience working as cashiers.
This free cashier resume example PDF and cashier resume writing guide is best suited for job seekers applying for these job postings and industries:
  • Cashier (General) or Clerk (general)
  • Fast Food or Food Service
  • Retail, Grocery, and Pharmacy
  • Convenience Store and Gas Station

Top 3 Resume Responsibilities Hiring Managers Want In Cashiers

You need to know the top three resume responsibilities that hiring managers will be looking for in your resume if you want to get hired as a cashier.
Employers still need to be confident that you have the skills and abilities to do the job well before they hire you to work for them.
Regardless if this is your first or tenth job, there are three top cashier responsibilities and job skills hiring managers will be looking for in your resume:

Customer Service Job Skills

You are working as the face of a business in this position, so hiring managers want to know that you have the right personality and demeanour to make their customers feel warm and welcomed.
On your resume, emphasize any experience you have with providing customer service to people, even if you have no formal experience working with the public.
Customer service job skills could range from helping customers at a previous job to interacting with the public through a volunteer or extracurricular experience.

Math Skills

The core responsibility of a cashier is handling payments for products and services. These payments are most commonly made by cash or credit card.
It’s critically important to have basic math skills so you can accurately count your drawer or cash float at the end of the shift and give the correct change for cash payments.
To demonstrate your math skills on your resume, include past positions that have required math or include a list of math classes you have taken in school.

Professionalism And Responsibility

The number one issue these hiring managers face is employees not showing up for work on time or not acting professionally.
Demonstrate that you are responsible and professional by including previous jobs or extracurricular activities that you have been involved with consistently over a significant period of time.
Experiences that show that you are professional and responsible could include activities like babysitting, participation in sports, or being part of a school or extracurricular club.

How to Write A Cashier Resume Summary

Hiring managers want to see candidates’ resume summaries, not general resume objectives.
The modern approach is to draft a resume summary. This summary is the first item a hiring manager will read, so you need to make sure it is concise and engaging.
For your resume summary, include your academic background, number of years working in the field, and any highlights that make you stand out as a cashier candidate.

How To Write Work Experience For Cashier Resumes

Knowing how to describe their relevant experiences on a resume is important for job seekers, whether or not you’ve worked as a cashier in the past.
If you have relevant work experience, you need to be able to tell the hiring manager what tasks you completed at work and what kinds of skills you gained that will help you in the job you’re applying for.
Using your resume to share related job experiences and duties will make them feel confident hiring you.
However, even if you have no cashier experience, you still need to show the hiring manager that you understand the job skills and experiences that are valuable for you to have in this position.
When listing work experience in your resume, concentrate on any skills and tasks you practiced that could be applied to working as a cashier.
The tasks, skills, and responsibilities in the work experience section of your resume should mirror the job summary and requirements listed in the job posting you’re applying for.
Here are real examples of cashier job descriptions and skills in actual resumes:
  • Greeting customers in a friendly and courteous manner as they walk in the door
  • Informing customers of discounts and deals
  • Ringing up orders in a professional and timely manner
  • Processing cash, credit card, and personal check payments for purchases, refunds, and rebates
  • Checking and validating customer identification if purchasing alcohol or tobacco
  • Utilizing the public announcement (PA) system

Cashier Resume Example Action Verbs

It’s important to use action verbs to make your resume interesting to read.
Action verbs can be used in any section of a professional resume or cover letter when you feel that they’re appropriate to use.
Here are examples of specific action verbs related to a cashier job:

What To Expect In A Cashier Job

Cashier is the perfect entry level job for new job seekers, and students, as well as a successful career path for established cashiers and clerks in retail, grocery, pharmacy, food services, fast food, and more.
Cashiers make up the second largest employment sector in the United States and it’s a career that requires very little to no experience or formal education to get started in. Chances are you have several openings within a short drive from your home, whether at a grocery store, convenience store, or clothing outlet.
Being a cashier is also great for those that need flexible work hours. Due to the long operating hours of convenience stores, restaurants, and gas stations, there are many shifts you can choose from.
Cashiers work in retail or small business settings and are responsible for helping customers purchase products and services by processing their payments and refunds.
In addition to ringing up customers, on a day to day basis, a cashier handles processing orders, managing cash floats, checking inventory, maintaining a point-of-sale (POS) system, relaying product information to customers, and using the public announcement (PA) system.

Cashier Resume Example Action Verbs

It’s important to use action verbs to make your resume interesting to read.
Action verbs can be used in any section of a professional resume or cover letter when you feel that they’re appropriate to use.
  • Processing
  • Recommending
  • Pricing
  • Depositing
  • Lifting
  • Describing
  • Cashing
  • Identifying
  • Inputting
  • Announcing
  • Greeting
  • Answering
  • Counting