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Caregiver Template


Dedicated and competent In-Home Caregiver with 10+ years’ experience providing high-quality assistance in residential settings; Committed to patient safety and independence; Thorough knowledge of basic wellness and healthcare skills; Nurtures positive, long-term relationships with patients, clinicians, and additional care providers; Organized and diligent with excellent communication skills; CPR Certified

Westwood University,
Basic Caregiver Training Certification
Graduated - June 2010
Employment History
Edgewater, Inc.
Residential Caregiver  July 2015- Present 2018
  • Established a routine to provide full-time assistance with activities of daily living such as bathing, dressing, and grooming while respecting personal boundaries and client dignity
  • Manages household duties such as changing bed linens, preparing meals, and dispensing oral medications under physician orders to maintain health and provide a clean, stable environment
  • Updates client information through journal entries and notifies the family of any changes in condition to ensure optimal care
Western, Ltd.
Elderly Caregiver  February 2012 - June 2015
  • Cared for 2 ladies in their respective homes on an alternating day schedule to provide family members with reassurance regarding their stability
  • Completed household duties including pharmacy visits, bill payments, and basic housekeeping while respecting each client’s independence and wishes
  • Monitored vital signs, observed clients for signs of physical deterioration or other concerning developments and promptly reported any changes to the clients' families to ensure care in accordance with physician guidelines
  • Ensured 100% compliance with medication regimens by preparing and communicating instructions for medication schedules in times of caregiver absence
Western, Ltd.
Elderly Caregiver  July 2010 - February 2012
  • Created a rotating schedule to assist 3 elderly clients with personal, in-home care
  • Engaged in activities designed to promote physical and mental stimulation including short outdoor walks, puzzles, and card games
  • Implemented a nutritious diet by creating meals in accordance with dietary requirements and assisted with feeding
  • Maintained a clean and safe patient environment by completing housekeeping chores such as sweeping, laundry, and trash removal
  • Scheduled all regular medical visits and personal appointments and provided transportation to and from appointments to ensure attendance and safety
Professional Skills
Empathy & Compassion:Expert
Customer Service:Expert
Time Management:Expert
Keen Observation Skills:Expert
Patience & Attentiveness:Expert
Dependable & Trustworthy:Expert
Interpersonal Communication:Expert
Positive Attitude:Expert
Ms. Rosemarie Burgess
Direct Supervisor
(222) 456-7890
Western, Ltd.