Sam Farris
Buffalo, NY /
Associate's Degree in Hospitality Management
Andrews Community College
Graduated -
High School Diploma
Mary Margaret High School
Graduated -
  • Strong communication skills
  • Knowledge of popular drink orders
  • Ability to suggest food and drink pairings
  • Excellent memory
  • Attention to detail
  • Certified mixologist
  • Sales skills
  • Management skills
  • Math skills and familiarity with point-of-sale systems
Lori's Bar
Senior Bartender

Create custom cocktails for the menu
Upsell new drinks to clients by using proven sales techniques
Lead a team of five servers
Developed a new drink menu, increases sales by 15%
Assistant Bartender

Welcomed guests, helped them settle and offered the regulars to bring them their usual drink order
Responsible for cleanliness in the bar area and was responsible for inventory
Responsible for taking orders and helped clients pair their drinks with their food orders when needed
Actively listened when clients showed a desire to share and always practiced being discreet and trustworthy
Assisted Lead Bartender by handling bills, closing the cash drawer and other duties
Blue Moon Bar
Server Bartender

Cleaned bar equipment
Developed memory skills to serve drinks to multiple parties at the same time
Created the bar's most popular drinks
Helped keep the atmosphere in the bar friendly and welcoming
Organized team-building activities to help encourage effective teamwork
Village Bar & Grill
Junior Bartender

Provided menus for clients and answered any client questions regarding the menu as well as questions about drinks
Often recommended the best dishes on the menu and the special of the day
Assisted the lead bartender with preparing drinks and serving customers while also helping to prepare ingredients for the most ordered drinks
Maintained a high level of hygiene throughout the front and back areas of the bar
Welcomed tourists and used communication skills to suggest places to visit in the city
  • Spanish - Conversational
  • English - Conversational