Atlanta, Georgia
  • Adept at using Enterprise resource planning
  • Office management skills
  • System implementation ability
  • Database management
  • Supplies procurement and ordering
  • Personnel coordination and scheduling
  • Clear presentation and reporting
Assistant Manager
Pinnacle Solutions

Regularly organize company events and regional meets. In charge of monitoring employee performance and presenting relevant reports to management. Prepare conference rooms for client meetings and administrative functions.
Implement an electronic information technology system that has resulted in a significant reduction in paper usage and waste material.-Expedite data management and processing activities and help increase staff efficiency. Have achieved as much as 43% while also reducing labor hours by 25 weeks on average.
Executive Assistant
Human Resources Inc
-Served as the primary point of contact between clients and the company's sales department. Assisted Senior Sales Managers in the development and implementation of turnkey systems for optimizing sales performance and efficiency.-Supervised office cleaning and maintenance tasks, as well as reordering supplies. Primarily responsible for employee orientation and onboarding of new personnel.-Created a new filing system for keeping track of client records and sales accounts which resulted in increased efficiency.
Branch Office Administrator
Office Team
-Managed the recruitment, hiring, training and onboarding process for more than 20 new employees. Helped increase the assimilation of personnel by as much as 20% within the first six months of implementing a new initial support system.-Supervised the scheduling, office functions and field assignments of more than 60 employees.
Executive Assistant
GBL Environmental Company
-Managed the regular scheduling of a 50-person workforce using a custom-designed office calendar system. Primarily responsible for supervising office cleaning and maintenance by contract services firms.-Prepared and presented detailed reports for management meetings and seminars on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.
Bachelor of Arts
Roosevelt University
  • French
  • Polish
  • English