kristi nicole ruest


In applying for this job, I understand I will have many duties and responsibilities that I have grown to utilize over the past few years. I have had great customer service, as well as many acknowledges and appreciation in my outstanding performances. Through the positions I am applying for, I have outstanding amounts of knowledge in this field. In past jobs, I was awarded for outstanding customer service.


As I apply for this position, I hope to develop other useful skills to connect with more customers and how to handle difficult situations. Although there will be plenty of actions to look upon, I choose to stand now and accept the challenges!


Acadiana High
acadiana High, lafayette, la
Graduated: May 2012
Grade: 12
In high school, I developed lots of skills. My favorite subject was English, language arts. I held a grade point average of 3.3. I did 4 years in the marching band and made my way to co-captain of color guard for my senior year. I got awarded to attend renaissance.

Employment History

July 2012 – December 2012: Waitress
Company: Athena's Greek and Lebanese
lafayette, la
I took customer's orders, served dishes, restocked hallway with anything needed, took phone orders, and returned refilled drinks.

July 2012 – September 2012: cashier
Company: Super Target
lafayette, la
checked out merchandise, restocked shelves

December 2012 – July 2013: Cook
Company: Taco Dome
south korea, ap
cooked burritos and tacos for customers on a hibachi grill while they watched and waited

September 2011 – July 2012: Cashier
Company: Home Depot
lafayette, la
Provided outstanding customer service, checked out merchandise, helped people save 10 percent on there perchases by applying for a home depot card.

Professional Skills

cooking – Advanced

cashier – Expert

cleaning house – Expert

waitress – Advanced

Hobbies & Interests

cooking, baking, talking to people, watching movies, texting, cleaning house, listening to music