• Job Field: Warehouse Associate/Forklift
  • Years of Experience: 7-11 Years
  • I’m currently: Looking for work
  • Willing to Relocate: Depends
  • Willing to Travel: Do not mind travelling
  • Highest Education: High School
  • Current Career Level: Entry Level
  • Work Authorization: US Citizen

Patrick Earl Jackson





In applying for this position, I will be using knowledge that I acquired through all of my years in working in warehouses. I am an experienced forklift driver and is certified. I have over ten years in warehousing which includes loading, unloading, palletizing, inventory, and everything that requires in the warehouse industry. My experience extends to working on a sitdown and standup forklifts. I do have basic computer knowledge, I am open to new skills if the job requires it.



In applying for this particular position, I hope to further develop additional skills in different aspects of the job positions. I am always open to new ways of improving my skills better toward the job I am doing. I am a team player and I am a great listener and always willing to help others when the time requires me to do so.


Employment History

August 2010– present: Warehouse Associate/Forklift
LABOR READY, SOUTHGATE, California, United States
My job as of today, I work whenever needed at different warehouses doing loading and unloading, palletizing, inventory and doing whatever the job requires of me to do. I am presently on a steady job working at a food bank located in Los Angeles working on a forklift. I work there every Thursday. I also work at Consolidated Waste Management on days when needed.


Interpersonal Skills

In the previous years of working through these companies, I have developed stronger work skills and overall great people skills that helps me to work around my coworkers and to work in a stable and more secure work environment.


Professional Skills

Certified Forklift – Advanced

Basic Computer Skills – Beginner



On my time off from work, I enjoy watching movies, walking on the beach, spending time with my family, helping friends or relatives work on their automobiles. I also love watching sports on television such as basketball, football and boxing.



English – Fluent