• Current Title: Proprietor
  • Job Field: Hospitality
  • Years of Experience: 7-11 Years
  • I am interested In: Part Time
  • I’m currently: Currently Working
  • Willing to Relocate: Depends
  • Willing to Travel: Do not mind travelling
  • Highest Education: High School
  • Current Career Level: Manager
  • Work Authorization: US Citizen

Johnathan D. Rulapaugh

902 Dora St. Seymour, TN 37865





In applying for this position I will be utilizing knowledge that I acquired and skills I developed through experience working in retail sales, merchandising, and customer service while working in several different positions and capacities in the music industry. As a business owner in the hospitality and property management industries over the past 6 years I have become an almost daily customer of Lowes which gives me the advantage of knowing many of the products and services offered by the company. I have also developed a working knowledge of many of the tools and projects that customers expect to purchase or learn more about when they come into the store. Through the positions listed I have acquired an astute ability to present a professional customer service experience while keeping the interests of the company in mind.



In applying for this position I hope to further develop my knowledge of home improvement projects, tools, and products so that I may be better prepared to share that knowledge with each customer that comes through the door. I wish to develop customer service relationships so that each customer with whom I have contact will feel at ease and comfortable approaching me. I would like to be a person that the customers see as a "go-to" guy knowing that I can either answer their questions or quickly find someone who can.


Employment History

June 2006– present: Proprietor
Vacation Valley Cabin Rentals, Sevierville, Tennessee, United States
I, along with my wife, opened Vacation Valley Cabin Rentals in a burgeoning economy and at a time when travel and hospitality services were flourishing. Our business grew quickly. We are responsible for all of the day to day duties associated with owning a business such as marketing, accounting, licensing, compliance, relationship management, public relations, human resources, et al. Since we are a property management firm I have also had opportunity to increase my knowledge of home improvement projects, tools, and products. I have had extensive experience with project management and contracting. I have become an almost daily Lowes customer and have come to know and trust some of the product lines exclusive to Lowes.

September 2001– May 2006: General Partner
Palmetto State Quartet, Nashville, Tennessee, United States
My duties here were very similar to those which I performed while working for The Dove Brothers Quartet. In addition to those duties I also was responsible for driving the tour bus, procuring travel and hospitality services, coordinating appearances with the booking agency, creating and maintaining relationships with radio personalities and station managers, promoting and maintaining relationships with concert promoters, creating and maintaining relationships with vendors, office management, and I shared the overall business management duties.

April 1997– September 2001: Singer, Merchandise Manager
Dove Brothers Quartet, Greenville, North Carolina, United States
In addition to singing and performing with the group I was responsible for designing, setting up, and tearing down the merchandise display daily, providing customer service, overseeing retail sales, tracking, maintaining, and projecting inventory levels, booking appearances (occasionally), and providing a professional, courteous, and friendly "fan"/customer experience.

July 1996– February 1997: Carpet Cleaner
Yogi's Carpet Cleaning Service, Waldorf, Maryland, United States
In this position I was responsible for cleaning carpets in hotels and motels around the Washington, D.C. Metro area. While we were tasked as carpet cleaners our job would often entail much more and on many occasions we performed HAZMAT/BIO HAZARD clean up, sanitation, and remediation.

April 1996– June 1996: Booking Agent/Office Manager
Proclaimers Quartet, Columbus, Georgia, United States
My duties in this position included handling the day to day business of the company. I would book concert appearances, procure travel and hospitality services, handle phone and internet orders, and provide customer service.

July 1995– April 1996: Appliance Delivery
Watley Simmons Heating and Air, Columbus, Georgia, United States
Delivery and set-up of both gas and electric appliances under contract with Alabama Power. We delivered all of the retail sales for the Phenix City, AL branch of the utility. This encompassed a very large delivery area (several hundred square miles). While working in this capacity I further developed my plumbing and electrical skills as we were required to install and test the appliances prior to departing the residence. During this time I also learned to be versatile and prepared for alternatives as many of the homes that we delivered to were in a state of disrepair. Often times our ability to install a water heater, dishwasher, or washing machine would be inhibited by a rotten floor, bad pipes, or any number of other issues. Many times we would make the repairs necessary to safely install the appliance and satisfy the needs of the customer. This was not a requirement of the job, but when you go to a mobile home that has a rotten floor and there are children living there without hot water you just do what you have to do to make sure they get a warm bath.

January 1992– June 1995: Job Site Helper
Air Mechanix, LaPlata, Maryland, United States
Air Mechanix was the residential/commercial HVAC company that my dad owned and operated for many years. I went to work with my dad quite a lot as a child, but by the time that I was in high school I was actually employed by the company as a helper. In this position I learned basic HVAC, plumbing, and electrical skills which I have used and developed ever since.



July 2004 Shipe Aviation, Sevierville, United States, Tennessee
qualification Private Pilot's Certificate, status Graduated, grade Certificated
Following a childhood dream I pursued and completed a private pilots certificate over the course of about 2 years of study.

June 1995 Maurice J. McDonough High, Pomfret, United States, Maryland
qualification High School Diploma, status Graduated, grade 3.0
General studies with an emphasis on music and performing arts.


Interpersonal Skills

Throughout all of the positions that I have held the recurring themes are customer service, retail sales, inventory management, and project management. Being raised in a home where both parents were business owners I learned from an early age the importance of creating and maintaining relationships. Over the years I've honed those skills and believe that my experience working as an employee and as a manager have given me the ability to excel in the present position. I look forward to working with a wide variety of co-workers and superiors.


Professional Skills

Merchandising – Advanced

Microsoft Outlook – Expert

Microsoft Word – Advanced

Microsoft Excel – Advanced

Mac Numbers – Intermediate

Customer Service – Expert

Retail Sales – Advanced

HVAC – Intermediate

Electrical – Intermediate

Plumbing – Advanced



When time and money are not of consequence I enjoy flying airplanes. My favorite pastime is visiting with others. I love hearing about the experiences of other people. I find that I learn lot by listening to their stories and experiences. I enjoy american history and politics and consider myself deeply patriotic.



I have been blessed to be a member of several award winning performing groups with accomplishments ranging from "Newcomer of the Year" to "Group of The Year."


Immigration / Work Status

December 2011– Citizen - United States



English – Native